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University of Chemistry and Technology


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UCT Prague was founded in 1952, but its origins date back to 1807 when the first course in chemistry was delivered at Prague Polytechnic. Reorganization of the polytechnic in 1920 resulted in the transformation of the chemistry department into the School of Chemical Technology, one of the seven sections of the Czech Technical University.
The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, is a natural center of first-rate study and research in chemistry in the Czech Republic. It is one of the country’s largest educational and research institutions focused on technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food chemistry, and environmental studies.
According to the prestigious Times Higher Education rankings, UCT Prague, one of five Czech universities, ranks among the 4% of the best world universities (*2017). The school has also dominated the rankings of the Education Policy Centre of Charles University in the category “Emphasis on Science, Research and Creativity” category (*2016).
Currently, UCT Prague boasts many excellent experts such as Jana Hajšlová, member of the EU Advisory Group “Food Quality and Safety” František Štěpánek, who has been awarded an ERC grant Martin Pumera, head of the excellent team for advanced functional nanorobots.
Half of its income is generated from the institution’s creative activities focused on science, research, and innovation. In the Czech context, this is an extraordinary accomplishment.
It is a member of the European University Association, the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, and the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy. It cooperates with more than 100 academic institutions in Europe and the US, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, and many other countries.
UCT Prague has 931 staff members (2016 Annual Report data), including 509 academic staff and 422 research staff. UCT Prague is accredited to provide three-year Bachelor (BSc) programs, two-year Master (MSc/Ing.) programs, and Ph.D. programs. Total enrollment at UCT Prague in 2016: 3,397 Bachelor and Master students and 792 Ph.D. students (2016 Annual Report data).

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