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The College of Nursing and Midwifery


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Medical College of Nursing, Duškova 7, Prague 5, provides bachelor university education in following non-physician fields of healthcare studies: General Nursing, Midwifery, Radiological Assistant, and Paramedic. As such, it responds to the changes in education requirements for healthcare workers in non-physician professions, as determined by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic's Act no. 96/2004 Coll. on non-physician professions in healthcare. Our education is in line with EU directives. Under the resolution of the European Commission's Internal Market Directorate General, graduates will have their qualifications automatically recognized in EU countries. For all fields, the length of study is three years.
Students of Midwifery and Radiology may study only full-time. General Nursing and Paramedic students can also study part-time. Our study programs are prepared under requirements of the demands of WHO and EU and correspond to the demands made of the profession in the countries of the EU. After the presentation of bachelor thesis and after the successful completion of their final state examinations, graduates obtain the 'Bachelor' Degree (Bc.). Individual subjects in the study program are arranged in modules allocated by credit points following the European Credit Transfer System.
The Nursing study program, including the fields of study General Nursing and Midwifery, fulfill all the attributes of modern nursing with an interdisciplinary and multi-profession nature. The program encompasses nursing care about healthy individuals and illnesses with an emphasis on a bio- and psychosocial point of view. Students are taught to make their own decisions based on their theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. More than 50 % of the program is dedicated to practical training, and the teaching is founded on modern trends in these disciplines. It teaches students to make their own decisions.
Our Medical College is well-equipped for the theoretical and practical teaching of all fields of study – professional classrooms, theory classrooms, a lecture hall, computer rooms with PCs connected to the Internet, and library with a large number of literature to study. Internships are organized in most public hospitals and social care facilities in Prague. The College also co-operates with partners abroad on the base of Erasmus+ exchange programs (European Union Countries).
A large number of renowned specialists take part in teaching – medical doctors and nurses with a university degree. Our College has its publishing and the teachers, who work here, are also active creatively and scientifically. Many vital personalities are members of the College's Academic Board.
Within the credit system, each subject is given a certain number of credits by the importance and difficulty of the subject. Each year the number of credits acquired by the student is summed up. An absolute minimum number is set, which is a condition to continue to the next year. Some credits may be acquired at other accredited higher education institutions, including those abroad, as permitted by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The system allows for some flexibility in the study to focus on the use of optional subjects per personal interests.
An optional subject will be offered where a minimum of 10 students from any study field enroll for it. Some subjects are also limited by an upper number of students (18 – 20). The list of optional subjects is always detailed after the compulsory subjects in the study plan for each field.
Graduates have theoretical and practical knowledge of the fields which form the base necessary for the provision of healthcare in clinical radiology fields. They are specialists in working in radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine. They are prepared to work using advanced technology and with a psychological approach to applying their knowledge of medical subjects. They have mastered the principles and techniques for the specific nursing care provided about radiological practices. They can recognize the signs and symptoms of changes to health and correctly react to them. They are ready to undertake steps concerning the radiation protection of patients and personnel per valid regulations in force.
Work experience gained in healthcare facilities during the study will allow the student to apply his theoretical knowledge to specific radiological practices. The work experience is scheduled over the three study years. In the second year, the topic of the future Bachelors's dissertation is formulated. The student has the opportunity to obtain sufficient background experience in practice to be able to conduct it successfully.
During his specialist work experience, the student acquires practical skills and knowledge in radiological display methods and acquired projection technology, the manipulation and archiving of display data, radiation technology, planning radiotherapy, its simulation and verification, and in display and non-display diagnostic methods in the field of nuclear medicine.
They acquire practical knowledge and skills in general nursing techniques, particularly internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care, and specific nursing techniques used in radiological practices. The Radiological assistance study field enables the student to become an independent healthcare specialist in fields that require the use of ionizing radiation, nuclear magnetic resonance, and ultrasound for diagnostic display or treatment. The graduate will have obtained work experience in state and non-state healthcare facilities, veterinary facilities and research laboratories, and practical training. Graduation from the study program allows for the future registration or acquisition of a legal license to undertake the profession in EU states.

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