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Prague College of Psychosocial Studies


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The Prague College of Psychosocial Studies obtained accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for the study program "social politics and social work" with the branch "social work with the orientation to communication and applied psychotherapy," full-time form of study, on July 2001. The college continues educational activities of the Educational Institute of Applied Psychology established in 1991 and previous thirty-year therapeutic and educational experience in health care, education, and social care.

The PVŠPS is not divided into faculties. It has two branches of bachelor's and master's studies. It has a unique separate part Prague Psychotherapeutic Faculty that organizes a three-year weekend theoretical study of psychotherapy in the form of lifelong learning.

The college has the following study programs:

  1. Bachelor's and master's program Social Politics and Social Work, branch Social Work with Orientation to Communication and Applied Psychotherapy.
  2. Bachelor's and master's program in Psychology.

The PVŠPS offers study also for foreign students, in English and Czech language. Our college is a private Higher Education Institution, so the international students have to pay a fee as the Czech students do. If you want to study in the English language and are already studying at a university or college in Europe, you can use the Erasmus+ program. The list of our partner universities is here. You can also ask directly at your university about the Erasmus+ program.

The major part of the practice is provided directly in a field. Students participate in the diagnosis of problems, procedures of their solution, and follow-up control of effectiveness. Research also contributes to these purposes in its partial manner. Team of year-class is defined and organized as a real community which, through social work methods (i.e., self-reflection, communication, facilitation, mediation, and supervision) recognizes, influences, and cultivates itself.

Education of some basic subjects is lead in such a way that own experience is first-hand material for theoretical reflection and discussion. Theoretical subjects are, on the other hand, bind up with workshops and practice.

Philosophical pillar study has a phenomenologically-anthropological foundation in which personal, authentic experience plays an essential role. We want students to understand "things themselves," so they can build their theoretical education and practice on the understanding that results from subjective experience. This experience is indivisibly connected with the return of natural language. We mean by this ability to think and express oneself in language that is immediately understandable and does not reduce the sophisticated experience and its communication on artificial conceptual constructs. We want students to be able fully and with confidence go upon language through which they can as faithfully as possible express human experience determinant for dealing with clients.

Social pillar specialty and specific attribute of our study program is study and training community forming study environment during the whole period of study. Upbringing and educating students contains psychotherapeutic findings, methods, techniques, and procedures in social work. This specialty of study program enables our students to cope better with the requirements of this field. Students learn to be with their clients in all areas of their life personal and participating and not formal and disaffection.They learn in the environment of the study community not only social recognition and self-recognition but also authentic, open, independent, and creative coexistence. They develop their ability of social orientation, reflection, adaptation, social use and self-enforcement, sense for social needs and requirements. They deepen their social empathy and systematically lead to the cultivation of conative characteristics, responsibility, and value orientation. Between essential values that we profess belongs to tolerance, respect, and devotion towards the difference and individuality of other people and their culture. We appreciate courage, loyalty, and endurance in care, protection, and building of our culture's spiritual traditions.

A high level of personal growth and the ability and habits of life in various types of small human communities represent one of the principles of civil society. Human beings learn this in family, in wider bunches between relatives and social coalitions focused on social cultivation. The bearer of the movement of the human community is communication. The student learns both understand it theoretically and actively cultivate it and reflect it personally. Communication depends on the level of self-experience and self-acceptance and experience, understanding, and acceptance of other people. Orientation on communication and the adoption of its different forms is unconditional for social work.

Pillar practice creates more than 25 % of education. This part of the study is organized to use their professional education and develop it in concrete situations and tasks with clients and participating parts. The practice is based on real work with clients. Part of the practice is supervision responding to up-to-date requirements. Experience from practice is used for year and bachelor papers, eventually publications. Part of the practice is not the only reaction to social needs and problems but also searching for them and their detection. Social work also includes positive social phenomena and changes. Part of the practice is also devoted to them – here belong, for example, use of free time, organizing everyday activities, development of individual, family and human communities, entertainment, and recreation.

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