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The mission of Winona State University is to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural, and economic vitality of the people and communities we serve. We offer undergraduate programs based on the traditions and values of the arts and sciences and an array of graduate and professional programs that are exceptionally responsive to the Upper Midwest's needs.
We prepare our graduates to serve generously, lead responsibly, and respond imaginatively and creatively to the challenges of their work, their lives, and their communities. A community of learners improving our world.
Founded in 1858, Winona State University is a comprehensive public university with close to 8,400 students. The oldest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, Winona State offers more than 80 undergraduate, pre-professional, licensure, graduate, and doctorate programs on its three campuses: the original Main Campus in Winona, the West Campus in Winona, and Winona State University-Rochester.
Facilities Services maintains and improves more than 35 buildings, the oldest going back to 1916, on the Winona State University campus. We have led the initiative to plant at least one of all Minnesota tree species on campus and are caretakers of 95 campus gardens.
We are proud of our efforts to meet the needs of this vibrant campus. We manage everything from a motor pool of 15 state vehicles to thousands of pieces of mail to generation and distribution of more than 126,506 million BTUs of energy.
Facilities Services also assists the general public with reservation of campus rooms and facilities. We would like to recognize and acknowledge that Winona State University is situated on the Dakota people's ancestral lands. We acknowledge and honor the Dakota Nations and the sacred land of all indigenous peoples.
The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to ensuring quality education by providing services and support to Winona State faculty and students in Winona and Rochester. Academic Affairs provides administrative oversight and academic leadership for the university's five colleges, graduate programs, and academic divisions, and facilitates academic policies, procedures, regulations, and standards.
Many students in today's world require more course delivery options to balance life, work, and education. For some, online is the only way to make a degree possible. For others, online classes are added to in-the-classroom courses to allow for more flexibility to meet other life demands.
Whether you are looking for a hybrid academic program, an on-campus student wanting to add online coursework to your schedule, a summer student continuing your studies from afar, or a non-degree-seeking student looking to enroll in non-credit courses, WSU can provide you with an exceptional online learning experience that will help you reach your goals in your unique way.
Our approach to distance learning has quality at its core and has a strong emphasis on student support. Many of our online teaching faculty use the Quality Matters™ rubric for developing and improving their courses. As a leader in technology and innovation within Minnesota State, WSU is also continually searching for the best ways to educate and engage students in a completely online learning environment.
Providing the technology-based foundation to prepare graduates for the 21st-century workplace is at the core of Winona State University's Information Technology Services (ITS). As a national leader in the innovative and effective use of technology on campus, we offer a broad range of technology support to the WSU community. ITS enables students, faculty, and staff to connect anytime, anywhere.
At WSU, the entire campus is a learning space with access to global information resources. Computer labs have given way to a wireless campus with more efficient teaching and learning spaces. Faculty can use innovative teaching strategies, knowing their students have access to mobile computing devices (laptops and tablets), software, and apps.
The Financial Aid Office considers you to be a future student until the point you have been academically accepted to Winona State University and have received an Official Financial Aid Award Letter. Once you receive your Official Financial Aid Award Letter, the Financial Aid Office considers you to be a current student.
The warrior program equips students with a fully configured and supported laptop computer. An iPad may be provided to students based on course or program requirements. However, it is much more than just mobile devices. The warrior Digital Life & Learning Program ensures WSU students have secure, reliable, and supportable technology 24/7.
Information technology is integrated into the student's social and learning experience. Students have the flexibility of working on campus or within the comforts of their own home. With warrior technology, the WSU network – complete with course software – is only a click away.
Students at WSU expand their classroom by viewing class information, submitting assignments online, and interacting with faculty and fellow students via email, video conferencing, and instant messenger. Less than perfect weather outside? Students don't need to head to the library to prepare papers and presentations via online research and study groups. However, it doesn't stop there. Students have the freedom to create their websites, listen to music, chat, watch movies, and surf!

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