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A Lutheran-affiliated liberal arts college in the heart of Southwest Ohio, Wittenberg enjoys a national reputation for excellent academic standards and is widely known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Guests on our campus, which is recognized as one of America's most beautiful, will quickly feel the friendliness with the first of many "Wittenberg Hellos" during their visit.
We are committed to guiding you through the next four years as a full-fledged member of our active, engaged learning environment, defined by academic excellence, high-impact practices, and a storied athletic tradition. Will it be hard? Most likely. Will we push you? Absolutely. Will you love where the journey takes you? Without a doubt.
Wittenberg University is actively engaged in defining its future through a comprehensive strategic planning process designed to propel the college to new heights of excellence.
Wittenberg University provides a liberal arts education dedicated to intellectual inquiry and wholeness of person within a diverse residential community. Reflecting its Lutheran heritage, Wittenberg challenges students to become responsible global citizens, discover their calling, and lead personal, professional, and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion, and integrity.
As a nationally ranked Lutheran-affiliated liberal arts college, Wittenberg University enjoys an outstanding reputation for excellent academic standards, vibrant coursework in the arts, sciences, and humanities, as well as distinct pre-professional programs including business and nursing.
A Wittenberg education consists of three parts: a broad base in the liberal arts, an intensive course of study in a major, and an enhanced course of study that makes up a minor of electives. Recognizing that student interests are unique and varied, Wittenberg also offers several options that allow students to tailor their Wittenberg paths even more.
Wittenberg's first stop shop is a connection and resource center built with your experience in mind. Think of it as your gateway to getting the most out of your Wittenberg experience. We are connectors and builders: focused on connecting your campus needs with the relevant services.
One of only a select few institutions that require community service to graduate, Wittenberg believes that each student should serve, connect, and reflect as they learn to pass their light on to others.
The Community Service program provides students with opportunities to serve, connect with the greater Springfield community, and reflect on the service experience to understand themselves better, community needs, and their responsibility in advancing the common good. Your acceptance means you are now part of an active, engaged learning environment that will stretch you, inspire you, and prepare you for a life of meaning and purpose.
At Wittenberg, coursework is about more than hitting the books. It takes you out of the classroom and into the field, into the lab, and the world. We know that for many students paying for college is not easy. More than 98% of Wittenberg students receive financial aid or scholarships. Wittenberg grants more than $40 million in scholarship and financial assistance annually.
The Wittenberg community welcomes individuals of all faith backgrounds, supports healthy, sustainable living, and encourages diversity, as shown in its commitment to expansive multicultural student programming.
The Office of Student Involvement strives to enrich the Wittenberg University student experience by providing quality programs, services, and leadership development. From its birth, Wittenberg has built and defended a vision of itself and its future, which has been bright and unconventional. The university was created by a group of pastors who broke with the German church and created the English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio. They believed that the English language was a way to foster the inclusiveness of the new American nation. In 1842, the new synod voted unanimously to establish a theological and literary institution that would serve the educational and cultural needs of new immigrants and new communities: Wittenberg University.
Wittenberg's original focus was the training of Lutheran ministers. The Hamma Divinity School remained on campus until 1978. Wittenberg's earliest curriculum was rooted in the classics. Latin, Greek, moral philosophy, religion, and mathematics were the primary focus of the college. In the 1880s, Wittenberg began to integrate science into the curriculum. A sizable gift from Andrew Carnegie gave the college the ability to build its first science hall in 1908.
By the turn of the century, the pressures for curricular reform that were being experienced all across the country began to be felt at Wittenberg. Course selection, graduate work, and new courses such as art, music, and science were among the most significant modifications. At the turn of the century, Wittenberg enjoyed a prosperous year in which significant gifts and outstanding faculty were easily attracted. Wittenberg attained a national perspective and found a place in the mainstream of American higher education. When the accreditation movement emerged, Wittenberg became one of the first Lutheran colleges to be fully accredited.
Today, Wittenberg's highest traditions continue - a commitment to academic excellence in a changing world that is focused on preparing students to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Further, what has become one of Wittenberg's most beautiful and most prized traditions is the warm, friendly smile and "hello" from any Wittenberg student you pass. Situated on one of America's most beautiful campuses, Wittenberg unites faculty, staff, and students to form a thriving community of discovery, growth, and fun.

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