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Polytechnic University of Tirana


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In the Academic year 1951, the Higher Polytechnic Institute (HPI) was established in our country. This date marks the beginning of Higher Education in Albania. At that period, three Directions were involved: Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical. The first Rector of HPI was Prof. Zija Këlliçi. Later, other Faculties were set up in Albania, and in 1957 they all founded the State University of Tirana.
In 1991, all the Engineering Faculties were regrouped during the previous system, and the Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUoT) was founded.
In 2007, as a result of the reform initiated by the Albanian government for the reformation of the scientific research in Albania, the structure of the Polytechnic University of Tirana changed. Currently, it consists of six Faculties and one Institution of Research and Development:
The first Rector of PUoT was Prof. Gëzim Karapici. His successors in the post of a Rector were Prof. Emil Lamani, Prof. Tamara Eftimi, and Prof. Përparim Hoxha. The current Rector of the Polytechnic University is Academic Jorgaq Kaçani. The Rector has a mandate of four years. He is elected by the academic staff, non-academic staff, and the students and is nominated by the President of the Republic of Albania.
PUT emphasizes teaching over research. It issues three-year Bachelor's degrees, two-year Master's degrees, and three- to five-year doctoral degrees. The academic programs are compatible with the Bologna system. The language of instruction is Albanian and, for unique and exchange courses, English.
Among the PUT departments, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAUP), included within the Faculty of Civil Engineering, is particularly competitive. It accepts about 120 students each year, out of a candidate pool sometimes as large as 360. DAUP is the largest department of architecture and urban planning in Albania and employs 35 full-time tenure-track professors, 40 adjunct professors, and 16 guest professors. It offers integrated five-year programs (Bachelor + Master) in architecture and urban planning. In the architecture program, the education of students in structural engineering and building technology are significant focuses of the curriculum. In the urban planning program, urban design and landscape architecture are in focus. In addition to the integrated diplomas, DAUP offers a 3-5 year Ph.D./Doctorate program.

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