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Royal Digi Public School Rajnagar Madhubani

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Royal Digi Public School Rajnagar Madhubani was established in the year 2017. It is an English medium Co-educational Independent school Pattern to CBSE with Registration  number 2071095202215190756, with classes Nursery/KG/LKG, I to X, and has a General affiliation which is valid up to 31/3/2025.

It is located in the Madhubani district of Bihar and is currently being managed by the SCP FOUNDATIOIN, New Delhi. It is presently under the principal -administration of Mrs. ASMITHA SINGH, with a total of 15 staff members. There are a total of 18 rooms present in the school.

The nearest railway station is RAJNAGAR and it is 02 KM far from the school.


Royal Digi Public school is situated in neat and clean atmosphere of Raati Road, Rajnagar where students are quite safe, an ideal place for education and child development. It has got all the advantages of rural locality of Rajnagar, which is expected to be both heart and Brain of Madhubani in the future. It is approximately 1 km away Rajnagar Railway Station. The location of the school is congenial having a friendly and peaceful neighbourhood. The spot is immaculate, hygienic and completely pollution free with an abundance of green surroundings and water supply.


What Is Special About Us ?

Every school has and is a story. Every life connected to a school, regardless of age or role, is a part of and is shaped by that story. That is why schools, and especially this school, are such special places.

Royal Digi Public School is one of the premier educational institutions in Rajnagar, Madhubani, imparting quality education since 2018.






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