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Eqrem Cabej University of Gjirokastra


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“Eqrem Çabej” University of Gjirokastra was established based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers Nr. 414, date12 November 1991, based on the High Pedagogical Institution, which was opened in 1971. UGJ is the most important educational, scientific, and cultural institution of the Southern Region in Albania.
Higher education in Gjirokastra dates back to the establishment of the University of Gjirokastra. Previous experience provided the basis for further developments. A Branch of the Economic Faculty of Tirana University (full-time system) opened in 1968 and was operational for 11 years.
A year later (1969), Agronomy was started as a Branch of the High Agricultural Institute, and it functioned for ten years. In the same year, the 2-year Pedagogical Institute (full-time system) opened to prepare teachers of specific subjects such as Language & Literature, History & Geography, Biology & Chemistry, and Mathematics & Physics. A Branch of Physical Culture of the “Vojo Kushi” Institute, which functioned for five years, was also started.
Based on past experiences, in 1971, the 3-year Pedagogical High Institute (full-time system), with study programs in History- Geography, and Mathematics-Physics was started by the Decision of the Council of Ministers. In 1980, the study program in Biology-Chemistry was introduced.
In 1981, the 3-year Pedagogical High Institute, by the Decision of Council of Ministers, was restructured as a 4-year Pedagogical Institute. In the same year, the program of study which prepared teachers for elementary education was introduced, followed by the introduction of the study program in Albanian Language and Literature.
The 4-year Pedagogical Institute was extended with various study programs that prepared teachers for different subjects at the same time. It was consolidated and enriched with the necessary teaching materials and facilities. The new corpus was built with adequate teaching space and the dormitory building. The qualification level of the academic staff increased steadily year after year.
In the academic year 1993-1994, the University of Gjirokastra was further extended, offering two new study programs, namely that of Greek Language and Literature, which prepares teachers for the schools of the Greek minority and that of the English Language.
In the following years, the University of Gjirokastra was completed with study programs of the First Cycle apart from teaching such as Accounting-Finance, Public Administration, Tourism, General Nursing, Midwife Nursing, and other study programs of the Second Cycle “Professional Master” and “Master of Sciences” and the Third Cycle “Ph.D..”
Generally, the student contingent came from the Southern Albanian region, but it was not strictly limited. There were also many students from outside the Albanian borders, especially from Kosovo and FYROM.
Nowadays, the geographical map of students enrolled in our university has extended. There is a large student contingent coming from the Middle Albanian Region, even from Northern Albania.
The admission of students after 1990 up to 2005 was based on competitions/tests organized by the university. In contrast, from 2006 up to the present day, the admission of students in the first cycle, full-time system study programs are based on the “State Matura.” In the second cycle, part-time system study programs “Master of Sciences” and “Professional Master,” admission of students is based on criteria defined by the university itself.
From 1994 to the present, “Eqrem Çabej” University has operated based on departments. (Before they were referred to as branches) According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers, Nr. 128, date 27.10.1994, the university started to operate with three faculties and ten departments.
By the Decision Nr. 823, date 05.12.2007 of the Council of Ministers, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Education merged, and the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences came into being.

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