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BEDER University was opened in April 2011 with the Albanian Muslim community's decision and the Council of Minister's nr. 286, dated 04.06.2011. The activity license, as an institution of higher education, was adopted by the verdict of the Council of Ministers, based on the Consitution of Albania. Hëna e Plotë, Bedër University offers programs of study in the first and second cycles, based on the Albanian legislation.
It has two Faculties - the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Philology and Education - and six Departments - Law, Communications Sciences, and Islamic Studies - and Education Sciences, English Language and Literature, and Turkish Language and Literature – offering in total seven bachelor level and fourteen master level programs, as well as a professional masters doctoral program.
Study programs at the bachelor level comprise three years of full-time academic studies. They aim to equip students with basic knowledge, study methods, and specific abilities in a variety of professional specialties such as law, journalism, public relations, English and Turkish language teaching, and Islamic studies. Study programs at Masters Level comprise two full-time academic years, while the Professional Masters programs last for one and a half full-time academic years.
Beder "Hëna e Plotë" University is a not-for-profit institution, and as such, is a new departure in the field of private higher education in Albania, offering support to appropriately qualified students. They wish to study at the University.
Because Beder focuses on the achievement of academic and institutional excellence, it does not have a strategy for major numerical expansion. The University's projected maximum capacity is 2000 students across all programs and levels of study, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.
A significant feature of Beder's vision is the consolidation of its international profile. Beder aims to be an essential player in the development of regional and international cooperation in higher education and research. Beder's Governing Board sees this as an essential contribution to transforming Tirana into a regional center of excellence for higher education and research.
In its two years of activity, the University has attracted students from all Albanian speaking territories in the region and from the Diaspora, as well as from several other European countries. The University currently has students from some 15 countries and aims to expand their number s in the coming years. Beder's international profile is also reflected in the composition of its academic staff. In various collaborative agreements, it has signed with universities and companies in several countries from across the world.
To prepare qualified, open-minded and responsible individuals through an educational philosophy inspired by universal human values, combining international standards in education and research with an awareness of the historical and cultural realities of Albania and the region, and to contribute to the improvement of ethical social and professional standards across the region through the quality and commitment of its graduates.
To be a leader amongst elite institutions of higher education in Albania and the region through the quality of its teaching, opportunities for study and personal development and service to society, making it the natural choice for education and research for all Albanians within their country and wherever else they may live in the world.
To become a leading international education institution offering opportunities for education and research to foreign as well as for Albanian students, contributing to the promotion of Tirana as a regional center of learning and original research, and establishing cooperation with similarly internationally profiled institutions of higher education elsewhere in Europe and the world.

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