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Institute of Tourism Studies


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The Institute of Tourism Studies is an institution of higher education aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism Industry. ITS was established in 1987 and consolidated by the Institute of Tourism Studies Act (2016) of the Laws of Malta. ITS's primary responsibility is to provide the Tourism Sector with professional personnel who can guarantee an excellent standard of products and services within the Hospitality Industry. Quality learning to achieve excellence in tourism.

Through ITS' innovative academic programs, the Institute of Tourism Studies seeks to prepare its students for a career in tomorrow's tourism industry. ITS directs its resources towards the development of inclusive learning programs that facilitate technical, generic, and behavioral skills and competencies, integrate theory and practice, and promote modern leadership approaches. The values behind ITS' vision are to:

  • Provide a student-oriented style of the curriculum that promotes creativity, innovation, participation, self-reflection, and personal independence.
  • Develop specialized technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in line with tomorrow's industry's trends and requirements
  • Promote an international outlook while embracing differences between local and foreign cultures.
  • Promote professional development through lifelong learning opportunities for all levels within society
  • Perform and solicit practices that are ethically correct and environmentally friendly.
  • Individually guide, mentor and holistically develop our student

The Institute of Tourism Studies is firmly committed to providing learning programs to guarantee exceptional service standards within the Hospitality Industry. Students' progress is continuously monitored by their tutors, review boards, and internal and external examiners. Lecturing staff continuously receives specialized training and guidance in methodology and assessment techniques. At ITS we operate three teaching restaurants, where our students display their culinary and service skills. These restaurants are open to the public, so you, too, can join us. Enjoy delicious food at great prices and help nurture tomorrow's tourism professionals.

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