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Jack Welch College of Business & Technology - Sacred Heart University Luxembourg


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Sacred Heart University Luxembourg is the European branch of the main University campus Fairfield, CT (U.S.A.) The SHU Jack Welch College of Business & Technology has been in Luxembourg since 1991, offering graduate-level programs tailored to the needs of the working individual.
At SHU, we develop the character and skills required to thrive in complex and dynamic business organizations. SHU graduates lead with empathy, drive, integrity, and courage. They possess the determination and know-how to create organizations that are at once more collaborative, more competitive, more durable, and more innovative. They are committed to leveraging the power of business to make a positive difference in the world.
The SHU MBA Program is small by intention. Smaller classes mean students get more time with faculty and staff. Students get to know their peers in a series of small group interactions. Earning an M.B.A. in a rigorous program takes discipline, focus, and excellent time management skills. However, there is still time for fun. SHU MBAs take networking and teambuilding seriously, building future career opportunities during site visits, economic summits, or fitting in a lunchtime project discussion.
This AACSB accredited program holds a specific differentiating factor of the M.B.A. with an internship. The curriculum holds high academic standards, as well as a remunerated student position incorporated for 6-9 months minimum duration. There is an immediate return on your investment provided with the amount received as compensation, as well as gaining valuable work experience simultaneously with your acquired business knowledge in the classroom.
Many students choose Luxembourg for its easy access to Paris, Brussels, Geneva, and Frankfurt. The lifestyle allows taking time between courses to travel, network, and enjoy new friends' company. The SHU MBA program community is here to help you achieve your potential. Connect with the SHU MBA Staff and Faculty to get the guidance you need to reach your goals.
Our certificate programs prepare busy adult learners like you for an increasingly dynamic and complex world. Each program challenges you to explore subjects in-depth and apply new concepts and skills in practical situations by design. Programs typically span three academic semesters, providing you with knowledge and networking opportunities to enhance your career, change your career, or develop a vital personal interest.
The courses taught in this program will include: financial analysis, financial modeling, valuation, analysis of investment opportunities, private equity, determination of capital costs and structure, evaluation of acquisition/L.B.O. Opportunities, and the identification, measurement, and management of risk.
The certificate in corporate finance has been developed to provide the knowledge and skills required to apply the tools and techniques of financial management in all types of organizations.
Hone your ability to lead and inspire others to manage talent, including multinational and multi-functional teams, to manage risk and achieve results while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The Leadership Certificate has been designed to prepare for these changes. The learning experience will cover the usage of cutting edge tools to analyze your business, identify new ways of thinking within your team, develop your team and face the competing tensions and demands placed on you as a manager. Further concepts such as emotional intelligence, mentoring/coaching your team members, and implementing change successfully will be on the agenda.
Benefit from our learning model, which includes assessment, analysis, practice, and application. The Modern Business Management Certificate has been designed to prepare for changes in today's global, dynamic economy. The learning experience will cover the usage of cutting edge tools to analyze your business, identify new ways of thinking within your team, develop your team, and face the competing tensions and demands.
The Jack Welch College of Business & Technology has created leading-edge courses and programs to support businesses in achieving their strategic goals in a rapidly changing and knowledge-driven global economy. All seminars offer practical ideas and relevant knowledge grounded in cutting-edge research and real-world experience. You will benefit from our extensive experience working with today's worldwide industry leaders and the growing ventures that will become tomorrow's leading innovations.
Our faculty has developed a suite of courses that focus on providing relevant, practical business skills that students can learn in class tonight and use tomorrow at work. All of the courses in the program have been designed by subject matter experts and are taught by business professionals with extensive experience in putting theory into practice.
The professors at the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology bring a vibrant mix of academic and business experiences. They include those who have earned top academic honors and awards for their publications and research, as well as individuals who have held senior corporate positions. Many of our professors continue to serve as consultants and directors to significant corporations.
The geography of Luxembourg has caused by necessity a unique blend of cultures. Creativity and connection rise from the hearts and minds of both the residents and daily commuters. The intelligent and well-educated minds of the many multilingual crowds bring competitiveness and digital readiness level that is unseen mainly in today's European culture.
Luxembourg may be famous for luxury goods, fine food, and excellent public administration. However, once you visit, you will find the real attributes that lure SHU MBA students from around the world: innovative, global companies with substantial growth potential abundant resources for entrepreneurs the international reputation and engaged alumni. They open doors for new SHU MBAs in Luxembourg City and around the world. Learn more about Luxembourg's Business Community.

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