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Iceland University of the Arts


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The Iceland Academy of the Arts is a self-governing institution providing higher education in fine arts, theatre, dance, music, design, architecture, and art education.
The role of the Iceland University of the Arts is to encourage progressive thinking in the arts and to stimulate innovation and development in different fields. The IUA offers education in the arts at the university level and conveys both knowledge and professionalism in the arts to Icelandic society. It operates in a global environment and measures itself against academies that excel in arts education in neighboring countries.
The Iceland University of the Arts emphasizes enhancing cooperation with other higher education institutions in the country and various other institutions and enterprises. Its partners include The University of Iceland, Reykjavík University, the Agricultural University of Iceland, Bifröst University, the Reykjavík Art Museum, the National Gallery of Iceland, the Living Art Museum, the Ísafjördur Music School, the Skaftfell Cultural Centre, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Icelandic Opera, the Salur Music Hall, Caput, the Reykjavík City Theatre, the National Theatre, the Akureyri Theatre, the Iceland Dance Company, the Reykjavík Arts Festival and the State Broadcasting Service.
The Iceland University of the Arts is an active participant in international cooperation. The IUA has made bilateral agreements with about 120 higher education institutions in Europe through the Erasmus program. Within NordPlus, the Academy cooperates with about 90 art academies in the Nordics and the Baltics. Preparations are being made for cooperation with art academies in Asia, including China, Japan, and Thailand. Students can, therefore, complete a part of their studies in foreign places. In general, the student exchange lasts one semester. A large number of foreign exchange students study at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and numerous foreign guest teachers teach at the Academy for longer or shorter periods.
The Iceland University of the Arts actively participates in international collaboration. The IUA is a member of two large international cooperative ventures, the Nordplus educational program organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU program Erasmus+. Both of these programs include teacher and student exchanges, as well as other forms of cooperation. The IUA has made bilateral agreements with more than 100 higher education institutions in Europe through Erasmus. Within Nordplus, the IUA participates in several different thematic networks, with 90 partner schools in the Nordic and the Baltic area. Besides, the Iceland University of the Arts is currently working on bilateral agreements with academies outside Europe.

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