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Ziauddin University


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Since its inception, Ziauddin University has been a dynamic and ever-growing institution. The University provides an enabling environment for quality teaching-learning and research through its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned competent faculty members. It offers a wealth of study opportunities across a wide range of professional disciplines.
The year 2014-15 was a year of great academic achievements. At ZU we initiated the research department, and our faculty published 138 articles in various journals.
With the establishment of DED and CME departments at ZU, we aspire for international standards both in academics and the healthcare sector. We will provide you a variety of possibilities for growing and learning during the next few years.
Ziauddin University being a prestigious seat of learning is a multidisciplinary institution moving toward progression in which Medical education excels as one of the best. Taking forth the vision and mission of the University where it aims to be among the top institutions of higher education in the country, encompassing diverse facets and changing with the times, it also strives to uphold moral ethics and values.
The University is notable for its teaching methodology and teacher-student interaction. In the recent past, new departments have been established which have enhanced the teaching methodology and whereby continuous professional development is taking place benefitting the faculty and students to a great extent. Ziauddin University also moves ahead with its research initiatives and in holding conferences and workshops. Efforts by departments of the University are made to engage the masses in spreading awareness in health care and hygiene and also in some forms of productivity to earn their livelihood. Much emphasis is laid on capacity building and multi-level education along with skill development. The administrative staff carries out its duties responsibly portraying the structure and development of the Institution.
To be a prestigious institution of higher education recognized for its academic excellence and research, nurturing ethical and intellectual curiosity in the recipients of higher education, and positively contributing towards the development of a knowledge-based society in Pakistan which can fully understand global challenges in the rapidly changing political, economic and social paradigm.
Ziauddin University seeks to have a futuristic approach in imparting knowledge, skills, and confidence in students and to inculcate in them such critical abilities, wisdom, and values which are necessary for a forward-looking coherent civil society where knowledge is disseminated and service rendered with the highest sense of moral uprightness and social responsibility to the nation, region and the world at large.
Ziauddin University has been created to promote the advancement of knowledge in health sciences through excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Student education and training at the university are directed towards producing graduates who will contribute towards enhancing health education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in populations from all socio-economic statuses of Pakistan.
Ziauddin University endeavors to develop in each student, the virtues and values of humanity, dignity, and worthiness a desire and capacity for critical reasoning an appreciation and understanding of the social sciences, biomedical sciences, and arts the ability to communicate, and the skills for acquiring new knowledge and meeting the challenges of the exponential growth of information. The institution focuses on developing competence, personal fulfillment, and responsible leadership in science and public service.

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