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Fairfield University, founded by the Society of Jesus, is a coeducational institution of higher learning whose primary objectives are developing its students' creative intellectual potential and fostering in them ethical and religious values and a sense of social responsibility. Jesuit Education, which began in 1547, is committed today to the service of faith, of which the promotion of justice is an absolute requirement.
Fairfield is Catholic in both tradition and spirit. It celebrates the God-given dignity of every human person. As a Catholic university, it welcomes those of all beliefs and traditions who share its concerns for scholarship, justice, truth, and freedom. It values the diversity that their membership brings to the university community.
Fairfield educates its students through a variety of scholarly and professional disciplines. All of its schools share a liberal and humanistic perspective and a commitment to excellence. Fairfield encourages a respect for all the disciplines-their similarities, their differences, and their interrelationships. In particular, in its undergraduate schools, it provides all students with a broadly based general education curriculum with a particular emphasis on the traditional humanities as a complement to the more specialized preparation in disciplines and professions provided by the major programs. Fairfield is also committed to the needs of society for liberally educated professionals. It meets its students'students' needs to assume positions in this society through its undergraduate and graduate professional schools and programs.
A Fairfield education is a liberal education, characterized by its breadth and depth. It offers unique and shared reflection opportunities, and it provides training in such essential human skills as analysis, synthesis, and communication. The liberally educated person can assimilate and organize facts, evaluate knowledge, identify issues, use appropriate reasoning methods, and convey conclusions persuasively in written and spoken word. Equally essential to liberal education is the development of the esthetic dimension of human nature, the power to imagine, intuit, create, and appreciate. In its fullest sense, liberal education initiates students at a mature level into their culture, past, present, and future.
Fairfield recognizes that learning is a lifelong process and sees the education it provides as the foundation upon which its students may continue to build within their chosen areas of scholarly study or professional development. It also seeks to foster in its students a continuing intellectual curiosity and a desire for self-education, which will extend to the broad range of areas to which they have been introduced in their studies.
As a community of scholars, Fairfield gladly joins in the broader task of expanding human knowledge and deepening human understanding. To this end, it encourages and supports the scholarly research and artistic production of its faculty and students.
Fairfield has a further obligation to the broader community of which it is a part, to share with its neighbors its resources and its unique expertise to better the community as a whole. Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in the broader community through service and academic activities. However, most of all, Fairfield serves the broader community by educating its students to be socially aware and morally responsible persons.
Fairfield University values each of its students as an individual with unique abilities and potentials, and it respects the personal and academic freedom of all its members. At the same time, it seeks to develop a greater sense of community within itself, a sense that all of its members belong to and are involved in the University, sharing common goals and a shared commitment to truth and justice, and manifesting in their lives the common concern for others which is the obligation of all educated, mature human beings.
Fairfield University is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, which accredits schools and colleges in the six New England states. Accreditation by one of the six regional accrediting associations in the United States indicates that the school or college has been carefully evaluated and found to meet standards agreed upon by qualified educators.
Fairfield University'sUniversity's Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies programs use the latest medical equipment and small classroom settings to provide a practical and engaging education. The school offers students a vital liberal arts education and the theory-based knowledge and skills to work in the expanding fields of nursing and healthcare. Students grow personally and professionally and become committed and compassionate nurses, capable of providing professional care to people in any setting.
Students at Fairfield University'sUniversity's School of Engineering receive an education based on one-on-one interaction with dedicated faculty and close collaboration with like-minded peers. Not only will you learn how things work, but how to make them work better. This engaging, interactive approach will provide you with the necessary training and confidence to solve the world's engineering problems with creative and practical solutions.
Fairfield University'sUniversity's School of Engineering offers five graduate degree programs and graduate certificate programs in several specialty areas. Our skilled faculty will help you advance your career by empowering you to understand complex issues better and work more effectively.
Fairfield University'sUniversity's College of Arts and Sciences grounds students in the 500-year-old Jesuit tradition of academic rigor and personal reflection while providing them with the critical skills needed to succeed in work and life. No matter which program you choose, you will work closely with our passionate faculty and have the opportunity to study abroad, participate in civic engagement, and conduct hands-on research across various disciplines, including arts and humanities, natural and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences.
Fairfield University'sUniversity's Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions offers a nationally accredited education that is as affordable as it is useful. Utilizing engaging classrooms, specialized programs, accommodating schedules, and various field experiences, we provide you with the training to achieve your career endeavors.

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