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Welcome to Altierus, a career education school system that's more like family. You will be welcomed into a community that knows your name and cares about who you are. Moreover, more importantly, knows how far you can go. At Altierus, we will help you build professional skills above and beyond what you will learn in class and labs. You will get personalized coaching, confidence-building interview preparation, job search assistance, and more.
Here is so much that happens on our campus. The best way to stay connected is to follow us on social media. We post stories focused on inspiration, tips on professional development, program announcements, community events, and daily life–what drives us. Share your photos, let us know how your classes are going, post a question — and stay connected.
At each of our three campuses, everyone cares about you as a person and knows there's more to life than just being a student. That is why here, you'll be welcomed into a community that knows your name and cares about who you are. Moreover, more importantly, knows how far you can go. No matter what life throws your way, you can count on our tight-knit family to be there for you, keeping you focused on where you're headed, and giving you the help you need to get there.
Houston's Annual Education Symposium was created to establish a bridge between industry and education and help create a workforce to meet local needs. This Spring, the Symposium welcomed leaders from Altierus Houston Bissonnet to participate: Michael Guillory, Director of Enrollment, and Delilah Olivares, Director of Career Services.
Guillory and Olivares attended seminars and met with area high school principals, teachers, and counselors. They also spoke with influential industry leaders and communicated Altierus' mission of providing students with short-term training in various in-demand fields. Their participation also included meeting with Texas state senator Sylvia Garcia.
It starts with helping you find a career path that matches your interests and goals and is in a field needed in your community. Then it continues with a month-by-month professional development plan once you have enrolled.
While some schools go for quantity, we're all about quality. Our approach enables your instructors to spend one-on-one time with you, so you feel confident that you are getting the career training you need. We know that getting ready for a new career is a lot to take on. Moreover, real-life won't stop while you're doing it. So, our campus teams work with you to ensure you get the support and assistance you need to keep going, whether it's extra tutoring or help to find child care. From monthly mock interview practice to externships and resume development, when you leave Altierus, you leave with the confidence and experience to be a true professional.
From the moment you come to Altierus to the day you're ready to begin your new career, an integrated team of admissions, instructors, and career service advisors get to know you and keep you on track. It is not all coursework all the time. We know it's essential to enjoy the journey together. That's why we have special events and traditions that celebrate your success as part of our family.
If students have unexpected financial difficulties, Altierus has established an emergency fund to support their needs. Qualifying expenses include utilities, medical bills, child care, transportation, and course materials. We are here to help our students overcome any obstacle that might get in the way of completing their studies.
Altierus is committed to making sure your student loans, and costs are affordable and realistic. Between our restructured tuition, available scholarships (like our American Dream Scholarship), and financial aid guidance, paying for your education in a way that makes sense for you might be the easiest part of your journey here. Moreover, financial aid is available for those who qualify.
Altierus is a non-profit school. What does that mean for you? It means you get a quality, career-focused education based on what's best for you and your future. It means all of your tuition goes towards the school and delivering a quality educational experience for you, not outside investors trying to make money. It also means that after covering the costs of operating and running our campuses, any extra money is reinvested in the school to improve the learning environment for you and the students that come after you.
With national accreditation by ACCSC and certification prep and testing included, potential employers know you've attended a school that meets or exceeds academic and professional standards for their industry and fully prepare you for the demands of your chosen career.
Our Computer Information Technology diploma program provides a blend of online and hands-on training in current hardware and software, preparing students for in-demand, entry-level IT careers. Tuition includes employer-desired certification preparation and testing to earn the CompTIA A+ certification.
We know you only want to learn what you need. Moreover, you want to learn it fast. We get that. Here are ten ways Everest prepares students for real-world success. Get the skills you'll need for your new career by training in real-world environments, using the same professional tools and techniques. Get the one-on-one attention that can help you progress quickly and move forward with confidence. Learn from instructors with years of real-world experience who'll share their practical knowledge, skills, and insights to help you succeed. Put together job-winning resumes, get ready for interviews, and find full-time employment opportunities with a dedicated Career Services team. You'll get trained in programs that are designed to prepare you for employment in in-demand careers.

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