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Here at Eureka, we pride ourselves on helping each student discover their vision and voice and reach their full potential.
We are #UniquelyEureka. The opportunities you will find here are endless, and you will not find them anywhere else. You will be challenged and supported as you hold the world in your hands. If you dream it, you can achieve it at Eureka College. Our academic setting is different from anything you have experienced; you will learn to be a problem solver and a critical thinker.
Your EC experience will transform you from day one. We are a premier liberal arts college located in central Illinois on a beautiful historic campus. Eureka College was founded by friends of Abraham Lincoln and was the first College in the state and third in the nation to admit men and women on an equal basis. Eureka College continues to make history today. We have graduated thousands of leaders, including 42 college presidents, seven governors, Congress members, and the 40th President of the United States.
Here at EC, we focus on learning, service, and leadership, and when our students leave, they leave as servant leaders who go into the world and do great things.
From the minute you become a Eureka College student, you become part of our supportive, exceptional family. Located in the City of Eureka, Illinois, in Central Illinois, our 70-acres have welcomed leaders, innovators, and academics. See for yourself, walk our campus, meet our staff, faculty, and students, and see why so many exemplary individuals have chosen Eureka as their home.
Thrive in an academically challenging environment and receive support from peers to professors and everyone in between. Top-notch classroom and experiential learning are essential to your continued academic growth. We combine a rigorous academic atmosphere with a personalized and supportive system.
Eureka College is a launchpad for global leadership. Our graduates make immediate impacts globally, whether through their community, career, or service. Please take what you learn during your time here and solve some of the most significant issues facing our world.
To experience Eureka College’s magnificence, visit us on campus. You cannot find the spirit of Eureka through pretty pictures and online links. It would help if you walked the campus. Why? Because Eureka is family. Eureka is a people-to-people connection. Eureka is a tradition. Eureka is special.
Eureka College faculty, students, and alumni find success because we are guided by a common purpose more significant than our individual goals. All Eureka College members subscribe to and aim to learn, lead, and serve by our vision, mission & values.
To empower every individual to reach their full potential through intentional programming that focuses on learning, service, and leadership opportunities.
Eureka College students use our traditional red-brick campus as a launchpad to take advantage of the opportunity at every turn! Our centuries-long focus on excellence in learning, service, and leadership means that our students are changing the world for the better.
Eureka College, affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is a liberal art and science institution that provides professional programs with a liberal arts emphasis. The College exists to cultivate excellence in learning, service, and leadership through the mutual development of intellect and character to enable graduates to lead meaningful lives and have successful careers.
At Eureka College, your individuality is celebrated. Discover your academic, social, and career goals, then attain them with the skills you learned during your time here. Our personalized atmosphere, expert faculty, and professional staff help define your Uniquely Eureka Experience.
At Eureka College, students can act in plays and theatre even if they are not theatre majors. We encourage you to follow your passion. Students flourish at Eureka College because professors invest in their success and push them to believe in themselves and succeed. Our smaller classrooms and expert professors allow students to pursue more things that impact their experience outside of the classroom.
We believe experiential learning bolsters your ability and allows you to find out what you do and do not like. Education students have the opportunity to teach as early as their freshman year, and pre-medical students can travel the world, helping others.
Where else will a college Vice President personally contact a student and make sure she has the resources needed to continue her education when switching from traditional to commuter? Moreover, how many other schools have direct ties to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA, giving students the ability to network and gain internships at a Presidential institution? Many schools can offer you an excellent education, life lessons, and a fulfilling career. However, only we can offer you your own Uniquely Eureka Experience.
Abolitionists founded Eureka College from Kentucky, a religious movement known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are committed to providing young people with a broad, liberal education. These pioneers believed in an education infused with values as a basis for leadership. Chartered by the Illinois Legislature in 1855, Eureka was the first College in the state and third in the nation to admit men and women on an equal basis.

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