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University of San Marino


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The University of San Marino is located in San Marino Città, the Republic of San Marino. UNIRSM offers three undergraduate programs in Design, Civil Engineering, and Management Engineering and several Master's degrees. For a complete list of the programs offered, see here.
The geographical context of San Marino, the architectural landscape of the Ancient Monastery of Santa Chiara — home of the University — and the scientific and pedagogical excellence — all contribute significantly to the overall quality of the University environment and the ability to provide services to students and institutional partners.
Small class size and a low student-teacher ratio provide a great mentoring environment, offering students the opportunity to have a better personal interaction with their teachers.
The history of San Marino is rooted in ancient times, profoundly and sincerely passed down through time and heartfelt by its population. The origins of this history are tied to the cult of its Saint, whom legend credits with having founded the Republic of San Marino itself. This legend tells the story of a stonecutter, who came from his native island of Arbe in Dalmatia in 257 A.D. to the peak of Mount Titano and founded a small community of Christians there, to escape the persecution they suffered for their faith under Emperor Diocletian. The first community of the Republic was formed around him in 301 A.D., and the history of San Marino began. As the authority of the Empire waned, but before the temporal power of the Papacy had been asserted, here, as in other cities around Italy, the citizens expressed their desire to establish a form of government. They created the Comune, the City-State like so many others in Europe, named after the historical figure of the stonecutter Marino: first the "Land of San Marino" then the "Commune of San Marino" and finally the "Republic of San Marino."
The University Library in San Marino was founded in 1988, along with the School of Historical Studies, in Palazzo Valloni. The Library owns and organizes the international scientific production dedicated to the history, pedagogy, design, and technology And also owns many unique collections of rare books and manuscripts of the highest value. The Library also provides access to 60,000 monographs, 160 current periodicals subscriptions, 15,000 extracts.
All monographs and periodicals owned by the University Library can be accessed through the "Scoprirete" online catalog of the Library Network of Romagna and San Marino.
The Library provides bibliographic information service, consultation, local loan, interlibrary loan (ILL), document delivery (D.D.), reproductions/scans.
To have access privileges to the University Library services, a subscription is required, with a presentation of current I.D. with photos. Following the application, a free card will be provided, to be used throughout the Library Network of Romagna and San Marino.
The Department of Economics, Science, and Law promotes teaching and research activities in the fields of engineering, economics, design, medical and legal sciences, and sports management. The Department focuses on applied research to innovations in technology and management and its impact on the economy and society. DESD offers three undergraduate programs: Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, and Management Engineering. DESD also offers Master's degrees in Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Geriatric Medicine Criminology, Food Science, and Sport Management.
The Department of Humanities promotes and coordinates teaching and research activities in the education and communication areas.
DSU offers several specializations and Master's degrees, including the Master in Communication, Management, and New Media, and the Master in Pedagogy for Learning Disorders.
The Department of History, Culture, and History of San Marino focuses on cultural and historical studies and San Marino's historical tradition.
DSS is also the home of the Advanced School of Historical Studies, which hosts a Graduate School (Ph.D.) in History, the San Marino Center of Historical Studies, the Emigrant Museum.


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