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Why Emerson? With Boston as your backyard, it is easy to get inspired. Your education in communication and the arts will extend beyond the classroom with access to museums, theaters, and the best institutions. You'll learn from other talented peers, professionals, and academics, and start building your career even before you graduate. Our historic Boston campus is growing, and our campuses in the Netherlands and Los Angeles encourage exploration and learning globally.
Furthermore, while we love our home in the world's most fantastic college city, what makes Emerson Emerson are the people. Our experienced faculty, dedicated staff, passionate students, and accomplished alumni form a community that is both far-reaching and caring. Are you a future Emersonian? Visit us and see. Our admission staff can't wait to meet you.
We're here to show you how an Emerson education transforms your life. Please choose Emerson with confidence, enthusiasm, and peace of mind.
We will help you weigh the excellent options for graduate study at Emerson and understand how specific programs will advance your career or embark on a new path. Our services include professional certificates, summer courses for undergraduate and graduate credit, and pre-college academic programs for high school students.
We know you are as driven as you are passionate. At Emerson, you will be in a creative learning environment that allows you to turn your passion into a professional pursuit. Here, we provide you with a robust education in communication and the arts grounded in a liberal arts context guided by our expert faculty and powered by countless experiential learning opportunities. Areas of study include communication studies, marketing communication journalism, communication sciences and disorders, visual and media arts, performing arts and writing, literature, and publishing. Please choose from our diverse array of majors and minors, or create your own. If you are continuing your studies, explore our graduate degrees or professional studies programs.
Our students are writers, comedians, actors, filmmakers, and more. We help them hone their crafts. The School of the Arts houses the Performing Arts, Visual and Media Arts, Writing, Literature, and Publishing departments.
Here students learn to become speech-language pathologists, speechwriters, journalists, and entrepreneurs. The School of Communication houses Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Marketing Communication. A strong liberal arts foundation enables our students to examine the world across diverse disciplines and perspectives that add depth and intellectual perspective to their studies.
We provide continuing education opportunities, including professional certificates, summer courses for undergraduate and graduate credit, and pre-college academic programs for high school students. The Engagement Lab is an applied research and design lab dedicated to reimagining civic engagement for digital culture. Through innovative curricula, resources, and outreach, the Center fosters an academic comedy community that welcomes students, alumni, and working professionals alike.
Founded in 1880, Emerson College is an independent, nonprofit institution of higher education chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It is governed by a self-elected Board of Trustees and administered by a President and other officers approved by the Trustees. A Board of Advisors provides the Administration with advice, counsel, and support.
Located in the heart of Boston's Theatre District and across from the iconic Boston Common, Emerson's campus stands at the city's crossroads. With unparalleled access to internships, museums, hospitals, theaters, and countless cultural experiences, there is never a shortage of new students' experiences.
Located on Sunset Boulevard, this cutting-edge facility serves as the College's home on the West Coast. Undergraduate students can take classes in the heart of LA, hold a semester-long internship at a site related to their field of study, and engage with industry leaders both on and off-campus. Graduate students in the MFA in Writing for Film and Television spend time in the low-residency program, and Professional Studies programs provide an opportunity for working individuals to expand their skills or explore new interests.
Keeping in mind that, in Stéphane Mallarmé's words, "to define is to destroy to suggest is to create," and keeping in mind that spirit is often intangible and fresh, the "spirit of Emerson" will not be tightly defined. However, to give guidance to the Committee, this working definition of "the spirit of Emerson" will serve as a touchstone for the selection process for the Award recipient.
The Spirit of Emerson is a joyous outpouring of Emerson College's activities, interpersonal relations, creations, diversity, and expression, including the spirit of all stated in Emerson's mission statement, President Pelton's five strategic objectives, our legacy, motto, or/and "E- spirit." E-spirit is electric, innovative energy in thought and creation in the E-age, in which "E" stands simultaneously for "electric" and "Emerson."
The Spirit of Emerson also includes the deliberate honoring and acknowledging of those who do exude such spirit. The Spirit of Emerson Committee is now calling for nominations for the 2017 Spirit of Emerson Award. The Award will be given annually to no more than two individuals or groups of individuals each year who have exemplified the College spirit as determined by the Committee.

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