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University of Andorra


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The University of Andorra locally is a public institution of higher education created in 1997 and the first University in Andorra. The University consists of the College of Health and Education Sciences, the College of Business and Technology, and the College of eLearning and Lifelong Learning.
The University of Andorra (UdA) has a long tradition of proven experience teaching on-campus and on-line. Over 130 degrees offered and more than 11,000 students who have passed through the University over the last 28 years of experience can vouch for our institution. We train students in the knowledge and the competencies they need to quickly and successfully access the working world. Students at the University of Andorra are highly satisfied with this training and the experience they gain during their course of study at the University.
The University of Andorra is a public institution created in 1997. It acts autonomously and has its judicial entity. Its mission is to provide a quality response to the necessities of Andorran society in regards to higher education and research, in line with the country's strategic axes.
The University of Andorra focuses on its students, promoting lifelong learning of both attitudes and aptitudes. Its main asset is its personnel, and it is committed to their professional development.
It is innovative, especially in regards to models of teaching and training, and in the technological, scientific, and humanistic fields. It forms a participative space dedicated to knowledge and research, open to debate, and with an independent and critical spirit.
It adapts to the reality of its surroundings, the scope, and the country's culture, and it is open internationally. It is interdisciplinary in its approaches; it serves as a model to society and is sensitive to its changes.
The values of the University of Andorra are personal attention, social responsibility, and the vocation of service to society, quality, knowledge, a critical and innovative spirit, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and interaction with economic and social agents.
The University of Andorra promotes the full use of Catalan in all its areas of activity, scholastic and non-scholastic. It dedicates special attention to the study and promotion of the country's culture. Therefore, the official language is Catalan. Other languages may also be used as a medium of instruction. The University of Andorra also encourages multilingualism and especially knowledge of the English language.
The University of Andorra, as an institution, is committed to environmental conservation through the ethics of environmental solidarity with all the peoples of the world who promote conservation and biodiversity. The volunteers of the UdA Solidària Committee also work to promote the University's social, charitable, and cooperative functions, through awareness-raising tasks.
Within the framework of the General Plan for Research and Innovation at the University of Andorra, various teams develop research projects in fields such as education, health services, financial economics, languages, and technology. The University of Andorra also frequently organizes scientific conferences with participants who come from all over the world.
The University of Andorra has adapted all of its university studies to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The credit hours of the different degrees are counted in European credits, with an equivalency of 180 European credits for the bachelor degrees and 120 credits for the master's degrees, and an equivalent of three years of full-time study for the doctorate. The European Diploma Supplement accompanies all national university diplomas.
The University of Andorra collaborates with many external professionals who bring their experience and business perspective to university teaching. Also, curricula offer the possibility for students to participate in training periods in businesses and institutions in Andorra and abroad. Lifelong learning course offerings meet the demands of both the professional and the business sectors of the country.

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