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Earlham is a national liberal arts college with a reputation for excellent teaching and preparing students to make a profound positive difference in the world.
Earlham is selective, with six applicants for every seat in the first-year class. We seek academically prepared, intellectually curious students who possess a variety of unique talents and interests. We also look for students who are comfortable in their skin and embrace differences.
As an international student, you play a crucial role in bringing the world to Earlham. We recognize and value the distinct perspectives you bring with you and how they can enrich experiences in and out of the classroom. International students make up approximately 21% of the total student body at Earlham. Our dynamic campus includes more than 200 international students, faculty, and language assistants from more than 60 countries.
Informed by a tradition of Quaker values, Earlham College provides an educational and working environment from which extraordinary lives begin. Through our interdisciplinary-minded and research-focus education, our open governance, and our values, we form a community of Earlhamites — global citizens of strong moral character. They see the world with broad, inquisitive minds.
We believe you need opportunities to put theory into practice and explore career possibilities while still studying. That's why we offer The EPIC Advantage — financial support for an internship or student-faculty research experience, including travel, for every student. Combined with the other features of an Earlham education, this is an opportunity no other school can offer.
At Earlham, we believe there should be a connection between life inside and out of the classroom. Our approach is rooted in our Principles and Practices, which means we strive to create community, embrace simplicity, act with integrity, seek peace, and treat one another with respect. That is why you will see professors at sporting events and performances and why students serve alongside faculty on many committees. It is why the "town hall" style meetings draw people from all corners of campus. It is the reason some students list faculty and staff among their closest friends on campus. Moreover, it is why many Earlham employees are still in contact with students who graduated years — or even decades — ago.
Earlham is not the kind of place where you will socialize exclusively with students from their own major or make friends only with similar backgrounds. We work hard at creating a real community — where people celebrate together, have fun together, cheer one another on at games and performances, offer support to those who need it, and hold one another accountable when things go wrong. Those values are at the heart of how we live together, in residence halls and group houses, working together to make Earlham a good experience for everybody.
Earlham has dozens of clubs and organizations tailored to all sorts of interests. Whether you want to continue a favorite activity you have been doing for years or try something brand new, you will find lots of opportunities at Earlham. Including opportunities that are a little unexpected — like cricket matches on sunny spring days, hammocks hanging from trees, games of humans vs. zombies across campus, or performing with Dance Alloy — one of our largest student groups.
You will find all kinds of ways to lead, including some that might surprise you. Join a committee with faculty members, and they might just put you in charge of an important project. Lead a club, and you will find yourself listening carefully to other members and making decisions as a group. Moreover, when you graduate and move into the professional world, you will find that Earlham's skills in coalition building and consensus decisions are crucial to success in the modern working world.
Earlham students tend to be curious about the world and interested in debating various political and cultural issues from around the globe. Maybe it is because Earlham welcomes students from dozens of countries. Maybe it is because almost all of our students participate in off-campus learning opportunities. Whatever the reasons, Earlham is a place where you can hear many different perspectives on world issues, and where the community comes together for cultural festivals or to participate in activism around issues of international concern.
Earlham students take charge of their learning and are prepared for professional success and admission to top graduate programs. They choose from more than 40 fields of study and are taught by dedicated professors. Classes are small, with rich opportunities for discussion, investigation. Earlham is committed to welcoming students from all over the world. Our students come from all over the U.S. and about 80 other countries. Earlham ranks 6th among national liberal arts colleges in the largest percentage of international students on campus. Earlham students have a sense of stewardship about their lives and believe in their power and responsibility to change the world, according to Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges. About 30% of graduates surveyed reported that most or all. Earlham ranks 29th among 1,306 U.S. higher learning institutions for the percentage of graduates who earn a Ph. D. In the life sciences, we rank 9th among 1,341 institutions. Fifty percent of Earlham alumni begin graduate school within ten years of graduation.

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