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Thank you for taking the time to visit Dominican College. We hope that the information provided here will prove helpful and that perhaps you will be encouraged to visit our welcoming campus in Rockland County. The College is located in the lower Hudson Valley, less than twenty miles north of Manhattan, and about twenty miles south of West Point.
Dominican College was founded in 1952 by the Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt and served approximately 2,100 students as a private, coeducational institution, proud of its Dominican and Catholic tradition. The College is committed to maintaining its value-centered, student-oriented focus. Individuals from all backgrounds and religious faiths have always been most welcome. With a student/faculty ratio of 15 to 1, each person receives the assistance and challenge they need to realize personal aspirations and become a contributing citizen.
The College is a liberal arts institution that provides professional programs in teacher education, athletic training, social work, business administration, and nursing and occupational and physical therapy. Over thirty programs, many nationally accredited, are offered on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The 10,000 members of our Alumni make a significant difference in hospitals, schools, and businesses where they serve.
Dominican College is an academic community committed to fostering the values of excellence, leadership, and service in its curricular and extra-curricular programs. A member of NCAA, Division II, the Athletic Department sponsors ten competitive sports during the fall and spring semesters. The student body is richly diverse and is composed of traditional and non-traditional aged students who commute or reside on campus. Special programs exist for adult learners who work full time while attending accelerated programs in the evening or on weekends. Should you be interested, know that you would be made most welcome by a dedicated faculty and a committed team of student life personnel.
Dominican College is an independent, four-year, and masters-level liberal arts college for men and women, chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of New York and fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
Dominican College aims to promote educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community and its needs. Founded by the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, the College is an independent higher learning institution, Catholic in origin and heritage. In the Dominican tradition, it fosters the active, shared pursuit of truth and embodies an ideal of education rooted in the values of reflective understanding and human involvement.
Committed to building its programs upon a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the College maintains a student-centered climate. It serves a diverse community of students in undergraduate and graduate programs. The College empowers this community of learners to excel, lead, and serve with integrity and to engage responsibly in pursuing a more just, ethical, and sustainable world.
Dominican College is dedicated to the principle that its educational programs and services must be both challenging and supportive, distinguished both by high standards and by attention to the individual student's needs and potential. Affirmed and engaged by these standards and values, graduates are prepared for purposeful lives and for the careers and professions they choose to pursue.
The College fosters relationships between students and faculty through small, personal classes. Our convenient location in the scenic Hudson Valley area, just 17 miles from New York City, feels like a home away from home, in our friendly, yet challenging and supportive atmosphere. Since 1952, Dominican College has provided students with the environment to cultivate unique bonds and life-long relationships.
Dominican College is one of a select group of colleges to be named a College of Distinction, based on its excellence in Four Distinctions: engaged students, excellent teaching, vibrant campus communities, and successful outcomes. Dominican College has been honored as a College of Distinction for the last four years.
For the last three years, Dominican College has also been named Military Friendly for exhibiting best practices supporting military students. The College fully participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program and offers other programs and services to veterans and active military students.
Following the tradition of its Dominican founders, which focuses on the shared pursuit of truth, the Dominican College Community acknowledges that the earth has been entrusted to humankind and the responsible use of its resources requires commitment, action, and accountability.
At Dominican College, we are committed to developing the whole student. That is why you will find a wide range of activities here and a network of support services to help you adjust to college life. As part of our mission to promote educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community, we are dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to succeed.
The Office of Student Activities is a resource for all students! We offer dozens of activities that will allow you to meet new friends, gain new skills, and have fun. At Dominican College, we are concerned with your physical and mental health and your safety and security.

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