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In 1783, Benjamin Rush, a revolutionary in both spirit and life, established Dickinson College to provide a different kind of liberal-arts education.
Here, students are encouraged to be actively engaged with the broader world and challenged to think differently and act boldly. Dickinsonians are guided by a core set of tenets—to be decisive, useful, curious, and unafraid to take risks. We produce critical thinkers who see how everything is connected. Graduates forever ready to make a difference. This is how we have taught successful graduates of all kinds, from lawyers to researchers to writers to CEOs. Dickinson's liberal arts brand has been around for more than 200 years for one reason—it works.
Dickinson College was created explicitly for high purposes: to prepare young people, using a proper education in the liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society. Founded by Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the college was chartered in 1783, just days after the American Revolution's conclusion with the specific purpose of preparing the citizens and leaders who would ensure the success of the new democracy. It was to offer a distinctively original form of American education—one that was rigorously rooted in the traditional liberal arts and was, at the same time, innovative, forward-looking, and ultimately useful. It was a revolutionary education designed for a revolutionary age.
As we face the challenges and complexities of the 21st century, Dickinson continues to seek direction from this revolutionary heritage within a contemporary context. A Dickinson education prepares its graduates to become engaged citizens by incorporating a global vision that permeates the entire student experience, creating a community of inquiry that allows students to cross-disciplinary boundaries and make new intellectual connections, and encouraging students to be enterprising and active by engaging their communities, the nation, and the world. Dickinson offers a liberal arts education that is distinctive in purpose and approach. Our founders intended Dickinson graduates to use their liberal arts education as a powerful change agent to advance much humankind. We expect no less today.
One of the foundations of our curriculum is the ability to pursue your passions and interests. Maybe you are interested in wildlife conservation? You can do fieldwork in Kenya and Tanzania to examine how land-use practices among the Maasai sustainably manage wildlife and economic livelihood. Perhaps you would like to trek coast to coast across Britain, studying historical, literary, and physical elements along the way. Alternatively, explore the effectiveness of rainforest restoration in Queensland, Australia. At Dickinson, we give you the freedom to discover whatever you are passionate about and go with it.
You have the freedom to partner on projects and papers with your professors. You can design your research project. Moreover, once you decide on a major, you will have opportunities to pursue independent studies, write a thesis, or complete a capstone project. It is all up to you. We are here to provide the foundation to translate your passions into a purpose that's designed to make you successful in whatever you choose to do.
Sometimes it is a single chair a student has moved to a quiet place to work alone. Other times they are in twos and threes where a couple of students have spent time catching up on The Daily Show. The red chairs are not only a school tradition. They also represent our strong sense of community. Moreover, it is that type of engagement that allows our students to take a seat anywhere comfortably.Perhaps you speak German but need help with your grammar. We have language residences where students live and speak foreign languages. Alternatively, maybe you're excited about new technology. There is a learning community focused on living with scientific and technological advances.
We currently have 58 general and special-interest residential options, including traditional residence halls, houses and apartments, themed areas, and community-based housing. Moreover, with a student body that hails from 41 states and territories and more than three dozen countries across six continents, you will find many living scenarios as you will viewpoints.
After completing your secondary education, you'll find that liberal-arts education is a beautiful opportunity to continue the next four years of your studies in an environment with a 100-percent commitment to undergraduate education. In contrast with universities in the U.S., liberal-arts colleges offer small class sizes with very close faculty-student interaction. You'll be delighted with the ease of finding a mentor to share your interests and thoughts and to challenge you in your studies.
In the United States, liberal-arts colleges allow you to study in a wide variety of academic areas. At Dickinson, you can ground yourself for a future in anything from the business—through our unique international business & management program—to government, diplomacy, or policy research, through our international relations program. Students graduating with a major in computer science go on to in-demand jobs such as computer security and systems analysis. The opportunities are entirely open to your willingness to take advantage of all the opportunities Dickinson has to offer you!
The internationalization you'll find at Dickinson College prepares you and your peers for a complex world where a perspective on the many rich cultures, languages, arts, and political processes allows you to move freely outside of your neighborhood's confines geographic boundaries. Taking full advantage of a liberal-arts education's cross-disciplinary perspective gives you an unparalleled comfort level and unique approach in the board room, the laboratory, the newsroom, the hospital, the courtroom, the political arena, or even just the dining room.

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