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Davis College is a Bible-centered higher education institution committed to making an impact upon the world for Jesus Christ by the fostering of Christian character and the equipping of students with the knowledge, competencies, and skills needed in an ever-changing world for service and leadership within the church, Christian organizations, and society.
Davis College is authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York (BRNYS) to grant the one-year certificate, the two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, the three-year diploma, and the Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) degree in Bible and Theology. All of its programs and concentrations are registered with the New York State Education Department (NYSED). BRNYS is classified as a state institutional accrediting agency and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an accrediting agency with national scope and recognition.
Our main campus is located in Johnson City, New York, along the Susquehanna River. Whether you are a traditional full-time student or a part-time commuter student, you will make lifelong friends, develop academically, and engage in many activities designed to deepen your relationship with God and grow in your spiritual walk. Students participate in chapels and enjoy guest speakers, worship nights, prayer groups, student-led Bible studies, student worship teams, etc.
Students at Davis College engage in practical ministry experiences each year of enrollment, including working in local churches, social services agencies, cross-cultural experiences, etc. Students receive mentoring from pastors, youth pastors, Christian counselors, and faculty, among others. It is easy to get involved in student leadership, worship teams, Open Mic Nights, Ultimate Frisbee, one of our six intercollegiate athletic teams, or intramural events. On-campus accommodations include dormitories, upperclassman suites, meal plans, an on-campus gym, and a weight training center.
Davis College now provides the opportunity for you to pursue your education online in today's fast-paced and ever-expanding learning environment. As an online student, you receive a biblically sound, expert education from experienced faculty who understand the distance learner's unique challenges juggling a job, a family, a ministry, and more.
Davis Online Learning allows you to match your learning with your schedule. With our undergraduate degrees, certificate programs, and dual enrollment courses for high school students available online, distance learners can participate in the virtual campus of Davis College from the convenience of any location and within the flexibility of their schedule! Davis Online is a unique community that brings the essence of the Davis College experience to your home.
Looking for an in-class experience but cannot attend our main campus classes? Teaching Sites provide an off-campus, in-classroom experience to take accredited college courses through Davis College! Whether through a homeschool consortium or adult learner classes at a local church, Davis College delivers the same campus courses, on-site at locations convenient to you.
Any college can prepare you for a career. At Davis College, we prepare you for a life of service for Jesus Christ.
The mission of Health Services at Davis College is to facilitate learning, promote personal development and healthy living through our commitment to preserving, promoting, and protecting the student body, faculty, and staff through protecting the environment, health education, disease prevention, treatment, and restoration.
Our main priority at Davis College is helping students grow in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. To help in this mission, we offer weekly chapels, guest speakers, worship nights, prayer groups, student-led Bible studies, etc.The worship teams at Davis College are made up of students with musical talents and a passion for leading praise and worship at different college events, chapels, and campus worship nights. All students are allowed to audition for a position on the worship team during each semester.
Practical Bible Training School emerged in 1900 from a series of Bible classes that were conducted in downtown Lestershire (Johnson City), New York, by a young evangelist, John A. Davis, who attended the Chicago Bible Institute (now Moody Bible Institute) where he served D. L. Moody's table.
These summer evening classes were engendered by the conviction that God would have a Bible institute, similar to Moody, established in the Binghamton area. With an attendance of more than a hundred people, it was agreed that a school should be permanently organized and that a new location should be secured. The school was incorporated on December 6, 1900, as Practical Bible Training School, with Evangelist Davis as the Superintendent and Hymnwriter John R. Clements as the President of the Board.
From its inception, Davis College has promoted preaching, evangelism, and missions, and other church ministries and Bible study. Being a gifted preacher and evangelist, John A. Davis was eager to train men and women for Bible-centered ministries with the result that many graduates are serving the Lord on nearly every mission field of the world.
Today, the vision, leadership, and enthusiasm of Dr. Davis are personified in our current president. The Lord is doing great things through this ministry of teaching his people God's Word and preparing them to use the Word effectively to evangelize the lost and disciple his people.

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