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Welcome to Cumberland University! Cumberland University is located in Lebanon, Tennessee, 30 miles east of Nashville. Founded in 1842, Cumberland University offers various educational, athletic, and social experiences to enhance the current student body's learning opportunities. The University has an excellent academic program steeped in the liberal arts. Athletic teams regularly compete for conference and national championships.
Few institutions have a heritage as rich. Past Cumberland University alumni include United States Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who also was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945, James Lafayette Bomar, president of Rotary International Thomas P. Gore, United States senator more than eighty congressmen, including Albert Gore, Sr. two justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, Howell Edmunds Jackson and Horace Harmon Lurton thirteen governors, including Frank G. Clement three ambassadors, including Edward Albright, U.S. Ambassador to Finland scores of local, state and federal judges, including Charles Dickson Clark and fifty college/university professors, including the "Father of Political Science," John Burgess." Cumberland University continues its tradition of excellence by focusing on the students of today. We emphasize that Cumberland University is a new liberal arts school. Therefore, Cumberland University commits itself to provide a sound education while preparing each student to compete in today's dynamic and demanding workplace.
Recent graduates of Cumberland University include Edward Labry, president of First Data USA. Other alumni have distinguished careers in the military service, teaching, and various business, health, and public service settings. Cumberland University alumni continue to distinguish themselves in their chosen professions.
While Cumberland University has a distinguished past, the University is focused on the future and on educating the next generation of leaders. Professors, coaches, staff, and administrators have set assisting students to ensure success both in and out of the classroom as a primary goal. We are committed to supporting our students in their collegiate endeavors. Cumberland University is an institution committed to excellence. We invite you to visit the campus and experience Cumberland. We want to see you at C.U.
The mission of Cumberland University is to provide a contemporary liberal arts education to students seeking a high-quality, personalized college experience, which will empower them not only to have a successful and productive career, but also to thrive intellectually, professionally, personally, and spiritually for a lifetime.
Cumberland University will be a distinguished scholarly community that prepares its student not merely to have successful careers but to lead impactful lives.
The Office of Career Services and Internships supports students and alumni in the development and achievement of career decisions and goals. The University is dedicated to providing resources to enhance students' knowledge in career exploration, job search skills, and information on employment and internship opportunities.
The Office of Career Services and Internships is dedicated to assisting students and alumni discover their professional goals and develop life-long career management skills. Throughout your college experience, you will work towards discovering and fulfilling your future career goals. During this time, you may want to enlist help or support with selecting a major, securing a great internship, or preparing for life after college. Remember, a key component to your vocational success is proactively engaging in your education and activities to prepare you for the road ahead. You will discover that being involved with these activities will give you extra guidance and opportunities to make decisions that will provide productive and fulfilling careers.
Cumberland University is proud to offer seven graduate degree programs. Each program is designed with the student in mind. C.U. strives to offer a market-driven curriculum based on the rising trends in the marketplace. We hope this helps you with your search for a graduate program and ultimately decide where you choose to advance your studies.
The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) This 30 semester-hour program is designed for licensed educators. They wish to sharpen their teaching skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of the field of education. Students enroll in coursework aligned with their professional development goals between a core set of courses and elective hours.Coursework is offered various formats, including online, hybrid, and in-class courses. An entirely online option is possible if planned carefully with a faculty advisor.
The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program is an innovative program designed to accommodate a non-traditional route to licensure while concurrently obtaining a graduate degree in education. This program is ideal for working adults who want to enter a meaningful profession, or for students who have completed a baccalaureate degree and have decided they want to teach in the K-12 school system. The MAT at C.U. is specifically tailored for individuals with no prior educational experience who are interested in one of the following programs of study: Pre-K Certification, Elementary Education, Special Education, English Language Learners, English as a Second Language, Reading Specialist, Physical Education, and some Secondary Teacher Education Licenses.
The Master of Education (Instructional Leadership) (M.Ed.) The program is designed to prepare licensure and non-licensure candidates as K-12 school leaders. The program offers two concentrations: Instructional Leadership (Licensure) and Instructional Coaching/ Teacher Leadership (Non-Licensure). A core set of educational leadership courses, legal & diversity issues, and data assessment are followed by differentiated coursework in one of the two concentrations.

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