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Welcome to Cox College, a private college of nearly 900 students near Springfield, Missouri. We offer interaction with faculty in small classes, diverse student practical experiences with CoxHealth, and student leadership opportunities. Cox College is committed to excellence by meeting the educational needs of students and the health care community. Our Goals:

  • To provide quality educational programs.
  • To provide a quality customer experience.
  • To provide a quality workforce experience.
  • To achieve quality business practices.
  • To collect data and utilize systematic assessment practices.

Our Values

  • Student First: We believe in providing a learning environment that promotes student inspiration, support, and academic achievement.
  • Highest Quality: We believe in providing an educational experience utilizing cutting-edge technology and an evidence-based curriculum.
  • Communication: We believe in shared, transparent communication that is respectful and responsible.
  • Nothing is Impossible: We believe in working together, taking reasonable risks, and daring to change so that the impossible becomes possible.
  • Lifelong Learning: We believe that professional curiosity develops over a lifetime based on self-evaluation, effective questioning, and critical analysis of information.

Our goal is to support the academic program at Cox College. Cox College offers some of the best and most unique health care education programs in the nation, and we are committed to our most important priority—students.

As part of the CoxHealth family, we understand that health care careers are a special calling. Cox College prepares students to become tomorrow's health care leaders. Our core values of Student First, Highest Quality, Communication, Nothing is Impossible, and Lifelong Learning equates to an exemplary education and preparation for an exciting career.

Cox College has three computer labs for general student use with networked workstations. All computers feature Microsoft Office, Internet connectivity, and access to CoxHealth library online research materials. The computer labs may be used for projects, research, word processing, webmail, and multimedia presentation software available for student use.

All classrooms feature an instructor PC, DVD/VCR, LCD projector, remote keyboard, remote presentation mouse, and Internet access to allow multimedia instruction. Some classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards to augment instruction. Also, most classrooms have connections available for presentation laptops. Wireless internet is provided for both faculty and students throughout the facility. Cox College continually seeks innovative ways to integrate new technology into instruction.

The decision to go to college or continue your college education is an important one and can potentially change your life. That is why the admissions department at Cox College is dedicated to ensuring your application process is easy. So you can take the first step in continuing your health care education without stress or confusion.

By enrolling in Cox College and joining our community, you will give your health care education the immeasurable benefit of smaller student-to-professor ratios, dynamic leadership opportunities, and hands-on learning approaches that will give you the skills needed to excel in your career today—and tomorrow.

Cox College offers competitive interprofessional research and graduate studies degrees, which enable students to supplement their overall learning experience and maximize their health care education at a master's level and beyond. This program reinforces the Cox College's commitment to providing excellence in health care education at all stages of a professional's career path.

We offer a variety of programs for the community, including the CoxHealth workforce. Whether you are a layperson or healthcare professional, we have programs available to meet your personal and professional development. Programs offered comprise of a variety of topics from essential life support to advanced healthcare to continuing education. Some programs also include continuing education credits so that you may meet requirements for certification and licensure.

Our programs are taught by instructors who are industry leaders. Their goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the healthcare industry, workforce, or everyday life. Our instructors are known for their friendliness and patience. We strive to offer an anxiety-free training atmosphere and encourage students to ask questions. We want you to succeed.

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