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Coastal Carolina University offers the best of two worlds of coastal South Carolina. If you are looking for the mossy oaks and central street atmosphere of a small town, head to Conway and Georgetown. If you want the crowds and excitement of one of the largest resort areas on the East Coast, visit Myrtle Beach. Wherever you choose to spend your out-of-class hours, you will enjoy 215 days of sunshine per year and an average annual high of 75 degrees.
I am IN – The Endowment Campaign for Coastal Carolina University aims to increase CCU's endowment by $20 million by 2020. As of May 1, 2018, more than $19 million has been raised to support student scholarships and academic excellence.
The purpose of the Quality Experiential Learning (QEL) program is to strengthen students' abilities to link theory with practice by expanding and enhancing experiential learning (EL) across the University's educational programs. Students who participate in the EL courses have a heightened sense of the value, relevance, and advantage of their collegiate studies to life beyond the University. EL is defined as the process whereby learning occurs through reflection on doing, and knowledge is discovered due to guided, purposeful experience(s). Examples of activities associated with EL already represented in the University's courses and programs include internships, undergraduate research and scholarship, service learning, international experiences, and various designed projects.
In University College at Coastal Carolina University, we emphasize the professional development of our students. While in experiential learning programs, students are immersed in professional environments that prosper teamwork, project development skills, and positive work ethics. We understand that a student's skill set is key to their professional success, and our mission is to mold each into professionally skilled individuals.
Graduate Studies supports graduate education in various academic disciplines through coordination, promotion, and policy development. We serve the faculty and students involved in graduate education, and we are committed to maintaining and expanding graduate educational opportunities aligned with the University's mission. The graduate programs at Coastal Carolina University are enhanced by the quality of faculty, small class sizes, and opportunities for advanced experiential learning. Students are prepared for essential roles as business leaders, teachers, public administrators, scientists, and scholars. Suppose you are looking for a graduate school and want attentive and knowledgeable faculty, supportive staff, and unique opportunities to influence others, experiment, lead and travel while obtaining your degree. In that case, Coastal Carolina University is the college for you.
Coastal Carolina University takes pride in the many ways students and faculty explore through research and outreach – with each other, with peers at other institutions, and with the community ¬– toward creative solutions and innovative practice.
The Office of Undergraduate Research is a resource for the support and promotion of undergraduate learning and faculty/student collaboration through research and creative experiences and disseminating research, scholarly and creative outcomes.
All students are encouraged to participate in one or more internships during their enrollment at Coastal Carolina University, regardless of their field of study. Students can work as interns during their fall, spring, or summer semesters and earn a grade by enrolling in an internship course. There are numerous local internships available, and most majors offer multiple courses that allow students to participate in national or international internships. Last year, 2,206 CCU students completed internships for course credit.
The CCU Center for Global Engagement staff members can help students identify and apply for a study abroad program that best suits their academic and personal goals. CCU is one of the original group of universities to sign on as a Generation Study Abroad partner, and this partnership brings additional opportunities to our students. Please click on the links below to learn more.
More and more Coastal Carolina University students decide to study abroad for a semester or academic year every year. Coastal has established partnerships with specific universities throughout the world that allows students to pay, in most cases, Coastal's In-State Tuition rate.
Coastal Carolina University has partnered with several organizations and third-party providers to offer students internship opportunities in numerous foreign locations. These programs have been selected because they adhere to very high-performance standards; however, each offers different levels of support services before, during, and after the experience. In addition to the benefits provided by these high-impact experiences, most students can earn academic credit within their field of study if they meet departmental requirements. Special tuition accommodations are offered for several of these providers to make participation in these internships more affordable.
One of the chief concerns students and parents have as they begin looking into studying abroad has to do with safety and security beyond the United States' borders. While no one can guarantee the safety of students in any location (the United States or any other country) or eliminate all risks from traveling and studying abroad, Coastal Carolina University is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that students are not placed in locations or situations that expose them to undue risk.

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