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Selecting a college is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life and career. At Cogswell College, we believe in an education that directly correlates with the work you will be doing after graduating. Many of our students take advantage of Cogswell's project-based learning model because it focuses on the same tasks they will be doing at their future jobs in real-life animation, sound, or video game studios.
Cogswell College's mission is to be a leader in providing practical education in the combined disciplines of technology and entrepreneurship. With an emphasis on leadership and a strong focus on new technologies and business models, we prepare graduates for the global economy.
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cogswell College is uniquely positioned to train you for the next wave of jobs in technology, animation, audio, and video game companies. However, our location is not our only benefit to you—our programs combine creativity, technology, and business, to prepare you for the industries you're so passionate about. Cogswell immerses you in Silicon Valley, so you can emerge with the real-world skills needed to thrive wherever you go.
Enjoy the natural beauty of the area parks and the regional pedestrian and bicycle trails. Find yourself in the bustle of our thriving student organizations and geek out with team pride at our e-sports events. It is all here, and it is all part of life as a Cogswell Dragon.
We know you're seeking the best possible education, and we understand the costs involved are always a consideration.
Cogswell Polytechnical College makes every effort to ensure that every student who is accepted and wishes to enroll has the financial ability to meet his or her educational expenses. It is the goal of the Financial Aid Office to provide financial aid packages that are responsive and flexible so that Cogswell remains affordable. The Financial Aid Office strongly encourages students and parents to ask as many questions as necessary to understand the available options and apply them thoroughly. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for financial aid counseling.
In an all-inclusive, collaborative environment, Cogswell delivers an intense focus on developing undergrads for jobs in high-demand creative arts industries through project-based learning. Cogswell stands out as a creative arts college by offering dedicated studio environments that feature professional-level equipment, multi-disciplinary collaboration, industry expert instruction, coaching, and mentoring.
Join a massively multiplayer experience as you learn how to program or design video games in classes that will equip you for working in the competitive gaming market. Bring vivid characters, worlds, and creatures to life in our digital art and animation college programs. You will work from start to finish on animation projects ready to hit the big and small screens.
The DAT program has two focuses: music and audio production for those who want to make digital audio, and audio engineering for those who want to create the gear that audio is produced. Learn how to disrupt and redefine the future of the game, animation, and software industries. Write code for fully developed video games with our engineering degrees in game programming, web and mobile software engineering, and digital art. Suppose you have dreamed of running a studio, managing digital media projects, leading a Disney team, or launching your own Angry Birds app. In that case, our business administration program will help you realize your dreams.
The Office of Student Life is committed to the development, success, and wellbeing of each student. Our learning support services, which are designed to promote success in the classroom, include academic advising, tutoring services, Cogswell XL, Strategies for Student Success, disability services, and counseling services.
We also provide personal development services that foster community engagement and the skills to navigate significant life challenges successfully. These programs include our Leadership Workshops, the No Evil Project, the Associated Student Body, academic and non-academic clubs, and diversity workshops.
The members of the Student Life team aspire to develop a working relationship with students that is reliable and supportive. We are here to answer whatever questions you may have and help with whatever problems you may be going through. College can be difficult, both emotionally and mentally, and we are committed to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. As growth and learning are often the outcomes of difficult situations, we are committed to providing students with guidance to overcome them.
The spirit of creating the extraordinary is alive and well at Cogswell College. It is in our DNA. It has been this way since 1888 when Dr. Henry Cogswell opened the doors to Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Francisco. Dr. Cogswell believed that the best path to learning was through doing — an anthem we still salute.
The College has had six campuses during its history. The first building, occupied in 1888, was located in the Mission District in San Francisco, California. When the 1906 earthquake partially destroyed the campus, a new building was built across the street at 26th and Folsom Streets. It was occupied in 1917. In 1974, the College purchased and moved to a location at Stockton and California Streets and converted the interior to classrooms, laboratories, shops, and other facilities, including a 200-seat auditorium. The building's original exterior features were preserved. The building was named a San Francisco city landmark in 1984 and placed on Architecturally Significant Structures. In 1985 Cogswell College again relocated to Bubb St. in Cupertino - a city within Silicon Valley.

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