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Business Strong is more than a slogan. It is our way of life. Founded in 1883, Cleary University is built for tomorrow's business needs. Our programs reflect the image of today's most forward-thinking companies.
Professors with real-world business experience to teach what they live daily. If you are ready to take the next step in your education with a business degree, Cleary University is a great place to start. Our business school is smarter, more effective, and more relevant, giving today's students a more excellent value and return on their investment. Whether you are an undergrad preparing for a life in business or a professional looking for your next step, we have a degree program perfect for you.
Leadership Livingston is a series of sessions designed to expand the leadership potential existing in Livingston County. The program was initiated by Cleary University and the Brighton and Howell Chambers of Commerce in 1992 and is modeled after similar leadership development programs operating successfully across the country. It is designed to bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have demonstrated a talent for and a commitment to leadership.
Participants meet at Cleary University in Howell or community locations related to the session topics, on the third Friday of each month, September through May. Each day-long session addresses a specific community issue. Besides the regularly scheduled program, participants will gain experience by participating in a community leadership project.
The goals of Leadership Livingston are simple: To identify existing and emerging leaders and to expand the number of informed, civic-oriented volunteer leaders. To provide information on community resources, identify community concerns, and allow participants to interact with other business and community leaders. To challenge participants to increase their knowledge and to become actively involved in problem-solving in the community. To develop a core of individuals who will serve the county as a source for informed, motivated project leaders. To have an immediate positive effect on the participants, their organizations, and the community.
Our vision is of a world where everyone understands, experiences, and benefits from innovation and entrepreneurship. As America's foremost applied for business university, Cleary University will be the country's preferred partner for innovation and entrepreneurship education.
The mission of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Cleary University is to enrich the community of students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers, corporations, and small business owners in southeastern Michigan through knowledge, skills, credentials, and resources that are accessible, innovative, and experiential. Our resources include space, services, events, and education.
New Student Orientation is designed to empower students with all the information and resources they need to start with a great first semester. All new students at Cleary University must participate in New Student Orientation.
Our focus is on helping students achieve their dream. At Cleary University, you will never be lost in a crowd. We specialize in giving the educational support needed to build a brand in the business world. Cleary helps students feel known, influential, and excited about what they are studying.
Cleary University, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, features an innovative, hands-on Masters of Business Administration curriculum that centers on practical and immediately-usable business skills. This is offered through curricular practical training in which international graduate students are allowed to work in a field related to their program of study.
Offered on the ground for international students, the Master of Business Administration program at Cleary University is designed to prepare mid-career working adults for advancement to positions of increasing responsibility and leadership roles in business organizations. Work experience and undergraduate academic preparation in any prominent qualifies individuals for this program to develop advanced competencies in problem-solving, technical analysis, and interpersonal skills required for effective leadership and management.
For students who hold a three-year diploma, or equivalent, or who do not have a four-year degree in a business-related field desirous of enhancing their business understanding and knowledge, Cleary University offers the Certificate in Graduate Business Foundations.
The Certificate in Graduate Business Foundations provides students with the prerequisite coursework necessary for success in the Cleary University MBA program. This "bridge" program will enhance the student's understanding of business and analytical content and provide an additional session of study before integration with students with their four-year degree counterparts in the Management and Healthcare Leadership MBA programs.
You are an integral part of the Cleary University community. Our mission is to enrich students' lives through the knowledge, skills, and credentials that advance careers. We have many academic programs, services, and resources here to support you.
The Office of Financial Aid encourages all students to apply even if they think they are not eligible, as assistance is available on a need and non-need basis. A FAFSA application must be completed to be considered for Cleary University institutional grants and scholarships.
Great experiences and great careers do not just happen overnight. It takes careful thought and planning. We encourage our students to discover, explore, plan, and DO.
Here at Cleary University, our Career Development office is here to assist and support our students in your career-related endeavors. Our goal is to help you develop the experiences that provide you with opportunities to explore your strengths and passions, help you understand career fundamentals, assist in building a professional network, add relevant experience to your résumé, and achieve your career goals.

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