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Through every change, we remain the same. Clarkson College has not always been a college. Instead, we began in 1888 as a school of nursing—the first in Nebraska. Over the last 125 years, we have established a new campus, expanded our program offerings, and adopted a new name. All the while, we have maintained a commitment to preparing our students to be the best in various realms of health care. This commitment to excellence has and always will remain a defining quality of Clarkson College.
Clarkson College offers a remarkable range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs designed to prepare individuals for entry-level and highly advanced roles in various health care disciplines. With the support and oversight of the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees, the College continually innovates in education and scholarship to ensure that we meet students' needs and the ever-changing field of health care. We are preparing students to professionally provide high quality, ethical, and compassionate health care services.
The Mission of Clarkson College is to prepare students to professionally provide high quality, ethical, and compassionate health care services. With this in mind, program directors, and faculty identified five essential Student Success Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Technology, Professional Behavior, and Diversity. These skills are the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes for the College. They are measured within all departments on campus to provide evidence that students possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to become successful health care professionals. Student assessment is essential to ensure that our programs meet professional standards and all regional and program-specific accreditation requirements. Assessment data also guides improvements to our programs, enabling us to continue toward student excellence both in academics and through the resources we provide for a comprehensive college experience.
At Clarkson College, you don't just study health care—you prepare to be the best in it. All around you are professionally trained faculty, practicing clinicians, and classmates who share the belief that they can better the lives of others. With eight fields and twenty majors to choose from, you have a broad range of options for making a difference—quite possibly even before you graduate.
Clarkson College welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, transfer and international students, and adults returning to college to continue their studies or advance their health care careers.
The Student Financial Services department helps provide talented, dedicated, and deserving students to attend Clarkson College. Whether you're seeking scholarships and grants, loans, payment plans, or a combination, we'll help you find the answer most suitable for you.
College is a time of self-discovery, personal growth, and—most certainly—fun. We're thrilled your main objective is to pursue a future in health care, but we also want you to look back on your college education and recollect all of the things you experienced—lectures and textbooks aside. There are numerous ways for you to get involved at Clarkson College. Here's a peek at some of them.
Clarkson College specializes in undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and professional development education in some of the most critical health care areas. Our focus for each academic pathway is to prepare high-quality providers, leaders, and educators in health care.
Clarkson College offers a broad spectrum of safety and refresher courses for individuals of all pathways of life. Opportunities include non-degree life support training, skill development for maintaining a specific career path, and post-graduate continuing education. All are designed to build on each individual's personal goals, career path, experience, and education.
Every day, Clarkson College alumni are changing lives in ways that are both practical and profound. As the proud alma mater of these astounding health care professionals, Clarkson College strives to keep our alumni connected to the College and one another.
Clarkson College welcomes academically talented and intellectually curious students from across the globe interested in pursuing a career in health care.
Clarkson College considers you an international applicant if you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. permanent resident. Before completing your paper application, review our application deadlines. Refer to the international student's checklist to ensure you submit all required admission materials. Depending on the program you are applying to, you may also have a few additional application requirements to complete. Clarkson College cannot issue an F-1 Visa for students wishing to enroll in any of our online programs.
As Clarkson College, the institution is known today, began as a dream of Bishop Robert H. Clarkson in the late 1800s. Bishop Clarkson wanted to see the establishment of a first-rate nursing school in Omaha. The realization of his dream began in 1869 with the opening of Omaha's Good Samaritan Hospital. Seven months after its opening, the hospital was transferred to Bishop Clarkson.
The College added a state-of-the-art simulation lab, equipped with simulated adult and infant patients (mannikins) that display conditions ranging from stagnant to high-fidelity. Clarkson College celebrated our 125th anniversary of preparing students to professionally provide high quality, ethical, and compassionate health care services.

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