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The world needs visionaries—those who can imagine what is possible and chart a course to get there.
Nearly 150 years ago, Claflin broke down barriers in higher education, making it the first South Carolina university open to all regardless of race. Today, Claflin continues to welcome exemplary students of all races and genders who demonstrate a passion for changing their circumstances and change the world.
We believe that most leaders are made, not born. Furthermore, we believe that students with passion, integrity, and a willingness to work hard have an innate capacity to become visionary leaders. As a Claflin student, you are challenged to realize your full potential, leaving here with an unparalleled education that will serve you well in graduate school, career, and life.
A Claflin education is a well-rounded education, preparing you not only with the technical skills your chosen field requires, but also the analytical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills that will enable you to make your mark on the world. Our students have the potential to be visionary leaders. For admission to Claflin, a record of academic achievement is essential, but only part of the story. We look for passionate, motivated students with integrity, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to serve.
Eligible students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and grants administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.
The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based program established in 1988 to recognize the most academically talented high school seniors and encourage these students to attend college in the state. The South Carolina Commission administers the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program on Higher Education. Palmetto Fellows may receive up to $6,700 in their freshman year and up to $7,500 for their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Half of the scholarship is awarded in the fall term and a half in the spring term. The scholarship must be applied directly toward the cost of attendance, less any other gift aid received. Assuming continued eligibility, Palmetto Fellows may receive scholarship funding for a maximum of eight (8) full-time study terms toward their first bachelor's degree at an eligible four-year institution in South Carolina.
The Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College offers several four-year scholarships ranging in value from $2,000 to the full cost of tuition, room, and board. These competitive scholarships are awarded annually to select incoming first-year students based on academic achievement, leadership potential, extracurricular activities, community service, and character involvement. To be considered for one of these scholarships, a potential student must score at least 1000 on the SAT or attain an equivalent score of 21/22 or higher on the ACT. The candidate must indicate on the application form a desire to be considered for admission into the Honors College and one of these scholarships. The Selection Committee may request an interview.
Our commitment to excellence impels us to strive to become one of the premier undergraduate teaching and research universities in the world. It's a bold goal and, true to our mission, a visionary one. However, it's a goal we are making great strides toward achieving.
Are your dreams for yourself as grand as ours as a University? If so, Claflin offers an outstanding education based in liberal arts and sciences combined with a deep commitment to experiential learning, internships, and other career-focused programs. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, four academic schools with 35 undergraduate majors and two graduate degrees, and a nearly 150-year tradition of excellence, can you imagine realizing your full potential anywhere else?
Through studying abroad, you will have a chance to live through a transformational experience that enhances your academic career, professional goals, and personal ambitions.
Study Abroad is a significant investment--It is one of the best ways students can acquire global skills and open up professional and personal opportunities. Study abroad is a life-changing experience for many students, widening their views to different ways of life, and encouraging understanding and tolerance. There are many benefits to studying abroad, such as improved academic performance, higher graduation rates, higher intercultural and language skills, and higher GPAs.
Claflin University aims to close the gap of minorities traveling abroad by breaking down studying abroad perceptions as expensive and elitist. Studying abroad is affordable, and the Office of International Education has resources available to help students and their parents plan accordingly.
Claflin offers eligible students the opportunity to challenge their assumptions about themselves and other cultures in an experiential education environment. Claflin University students participate in study abroad programs, varying lengths, academic emphasis, and locations. Currently, Claflin sends students to various programs in countries on six continents.
The knowledge you get from a classroom is a lovely thing. However, the understanding you gain from applying that knowledge yourself in a real-world setting may be the most valuable learning of all. Learning by doing helps stimulate thought and inspire action. Therefore, it is essential to the Claflin imperative of preparing students for leadership and service in a multicultural, global, and technological society.
Opportunities for experiential learning abound at Claflin. Many community-based learning elements are integrated into the curriculum across various schools and departments. Some co-curricular programs and opportunities allow you to develop essential skills through practice and reflection.
Claflin University was founded and named in honor of Lee Claflin, a prominent Methodist layman from Boston, and his son William Claflin, then governor of Massachusetts. With "the only admission requirements for prospective students being the possession of good moral character and a conscientious desire to learn," Claflin University offered, for the first time in South Carolina, quality higher education for men and women "regardless of race, complexion, or religious opinion."

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