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Chowan University is a Christian educational institution founded in 1848 by Baptist families and named Chowan – which means "people of the south" – to honor the Native American Algonquin Chowanook tribe. For over 170 years, Chowan has enjoyed a long and distinguished tradition of faith and education in Northeastern, NC.
Chowan University, grounded in its Christian faith, transforms the lives of students of promise.
Imagine a Christian university that is a national model of student success within an inclusive community. Imagine a Christian university that advances our students' calling through teaching, learning, engaging, and serving. Imagine a Christian university defined by the opportunities we create, by the lives we transform, and by the futures we shape. You have imagined the University we seek to become.
Chowan University is committed to serving average students. By "average," we mean students with a GPA from 2.25-3.25 and "average" SAT scores (around 880 on the new SAT or 800 two-part on the old SAT). Students below these criteria may be admitted if they show a commitment to the Chowan University experience and academic potential.
The Honors College at Chowan University is designed to offer attractive and challenging intellectual growth opportunities to well-prepared and highly motivated students. The college has both curricular and extracurricular components. The Honors College Committee will generally consider acceptance into the program any freshman who enters college with at least a 3.25 high school grade point average and 1170 on the new or 1100 two-part on the old or higher SAT score. Transfer students and Chowan rising sophomores must have earned at least a 3.50 GPA and a B in English composition.
Many of our students are first-generation college students, which means their parents did not attend college or complete a college degree. Because of Chowan's commitment to individual attention in a Christian environment, these students thrive at Chowan University.
The Chowan University community seeks to believe in and to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ. This goal is accomplished through mentoring, ministry, the teaching of Christian faculty and staff, and mission and service experiences on campus, in the community, in the United States, and worldwide.
Our pastoral campus ministry team provides opportunities for students to grow in their faith while also meeting others' needs. Local, national, and international mission trips, discipleship, residence hall Bible studies, mentoring, and lots of one-on-one attention and prayer give students a transformative education.
All students who seek to complete their degree at Chowan University must enroll in an introductory course about the Bible. Students must also attend a handful of Perspectives events that are offered weekly, which involve holistic presentations and lectures, religious celebrations, theatrical performances, and other Chowan community-related events are not here to indoctrinate anyone but to show them the Christian way of life as revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Non-Christian students and students from other religious traditions are respected and welcomed here and thrive in this environment.
Nestled in the small historic town of Murfreesboro in northeastern North Carolina, Chowan University is a short drive to North Carolina and Virginia's beaches. Chowan is also within driving distance to many amenities, including shopping, restaurants, amusement parks, and metropolitan areas like Virginia Beach.
The town of Murfreesboro is a small community that rallies around the campus. Chowan has the best of both worlds. Murfreesboro is a small, safe community, yet major urban amenities are only a short drive away. Chowan University resides on a 450+ acre campus surrounded by wooded areas and several lakes. We are located in North Carolina designated as the "Inner Banks," and our campus reflects the natural beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway. Murfreesboro experiences all four seasons but is characterized by mild weather. The average high temperature during the school months is 65 degrees.
Chowan University is home to approximately 1,500 undergraduates of diverse backgrounds from across the US and worldwide. The School of Graduate Studies recently opened, giving graduate students a convenient and reputable university to earn a Master's degree. Currently, Chowan offers the Master of Education (MEd) degree with an advanced teacher license.
Chowan University enrolls about 65 adult students in the Adult Degree Completion Program. Through this program, adult students take classes at Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC, at the main campus in Murfreesboro, NC, and online. Our 450 acres park-like campus includes Lake Vann, "Squirrel Park," and the original 1851 McDowell Columns building. Most buildings on campus have been recently renovated, with renovations continuing to take place.
Chowan University is known for having "Faith in your future." Much more than a tagline, our mission is to provide an education that transforms ordinary students into extraordinary graduates. We do this in good faith, trusting God in the person of Jesus Christ, with optimism for each student's success. Our faculty come to Chowan to teach, advise and engage students in the classroom, the fields and courts of competition, and extracurricular activities. Faith in action underscores all that we do. It is not enough to teach students how or what to think. We teach students how to live with honor and conscience using their head, heart, and hands.
Chowan University is committed to the liberal arts as the best preparation students can have for meaningful lives. Also, the University offers a variety of academic programs in career-oriented fields such as teacher education and criminal justice. All of the programs at Chowan University are evaluated periodically by accrediting agencies to ensure that quality standards are maintained.
The undergraduate baccalaureate programs are designed to help students gain maximum benefit by providing a balanced curriculum in general studies, a significant field, minor field(s), and selected electives. Students are encouraged to learn to think critically, communicate ideas orally, write form and through computers, and live worthy lives. Besides courses in languages, history, religion, and culture, upper-level courses provide preparation opportunities in areas of particular interest and professional and career-oriented fields. To meet individual needs, academic programs include independent study and career internships.
Chowan University offers over 70 academic programs to prepare you for the working world. Our Student/Faculty Ratio is 16:1, with an average class size of 18. Chowan University students are known by names and not by numbers and receive much individual attention.
Chowan's faculty are expert professors, teachers, mentors, and advisors who share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with students. Unlike state-funded universities where student-teacher assistants teach most freshman-level courses, Chowan University faculty teach every course. The faculty have degrees from universities all over the world. Although faculty engage in research and publish books, articles, and scholarly essays, their primary focus is teaching. Chowan is a teaching institution.
Social and sports events, concerts, plays, dances, and movies, plus more than 45 student clubs and organizations, provide leadership opportunities, and make lifelong friends. Besides formal clubs, students engage in activities ranging from fishing at Lake Vann to playing ultimate frisbee and flag football in Squirrel Park. Greek life is another part of the Chowan experience. Students also engage in study abroad experiences. These travel experiences count toward fulfilling academic credits. For many studies abroad trips, students receive scholarships to help defer expenses. Recently, Chowan University students have traveled to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and London.

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