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Chaminade University of Honolulu


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As the only Catholic University in Hawai'i, and one of three Marianist higher-education institutions in the U.S., we at Chaminade University are guided by the understanding that both reason and faith are essential conditions in the pursuit of truth. Our community is a family where students mature into world citizens who respect others' complexity and diversity, value community service and strive to create a more just society. Our faculty emphasize critical thinking and creative problem solving while mentoring students in more than 25 undergraduate and graduate programs in the fine arts and humanities, sciences and mathematics, behavioral sciences, business and communication, education, and nursing. Located in the international city of Honolulu on the island of O'ahu, Chaminade is regarded for its remarkably diverse student body–students come from the Hawai'i, the mainland U.S., the Pacific region, and beyond.
Class sizes are small, with a low student-to-faculty ratio. Here, students develop professionally through service learning projects, research and internship experiences, and leadership and community networking opportunities. At Chaminade, students receive a personalized education that prepares them for an ever-changing future.
Established in 1955, we are a private, coeducational university founded in Catholic, Marianist, and liberal arts educational traditions. At the core of our mission, we seek to educate students intellectually, spiritually, and personally, encouraging moral character development, personal competencies, and a commitment to build a just and peaceful society. This approach provides a foundation for lifelong personal growth, the ability to adapt to job and workplace changes throughout one's career, and the ability to seek leadership positions in professional settings and the community.
Whether you are a first-time student or a returning one, considering us from another school or another country, we have got the academic programs — and the environment — that are right for you. We provide a quality, private education with an emphasis on service-learning and career preparation. In communities near and far, our graduates serve as ethical leaders who believe that everyone has a role in making the world a more just, peaceful place.
Chaminade students study under the guidance of an excellent, involved faculty. Our degree programs are thorough preparation for careers in the workplace or continued studies in graduate school. Our programs are geared so that each student can develop to their fullest academic potential.
At Chaminade, we are dedicated to educating the student as a whole person. Our campus is a living classroom for learning about living and working in the 21st century. Chaminade students are prepared through challenging discourse exercises in diverse inquiry and moral guidance and spiritual exploration methods. Participation in Chaminade's multicultural community enriches and deepens humanity's perspectives and helps develop skills and awareness needed by leaders.
Chaminade is a meeting place, a gathering together of many cultural traditions under one academic roof. Chaminade University is one of the most diverse colleges in the U.S., and provides a model of multicultural interaction and understanding. The greater community of Honolulu in which we are located provides another dimension of cultural awareness. So many cultures co-exist and mutually benefit from one another in this cosmopolitan city.
Students from the mainland U.S. can experience a sense that they are "somewhere else," and yet they are still going to school in one of the 50 states. Our international students will find a welcome here in Honolulu, Hawai'i, a truly international city with a gracious host culture and immigrants from many global areas. Local students can participate in a wealth of opportunities to discover the world beyond Hawai'i through Chaminade's network with other higher learning institutions.
Chaminade University offers its students an education in a collaborative learning environment that prepares them for life, service, and successful careers. Guided by its Catholic, Marianist, and liberal arts educational traditions, Chaminade encourages the development of moral character, personal competencies, and a commitment to build a just and peaceful society. The University offers both the civic and church communities of the Pacific region its academic and intellectual resources to pursue common aims.
Chaminade University is in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu, not far from Waikiki beach. Influenced by Spanish Mission architecture, Chaminade's white stucco buildings with red-tiled roofs are a gracious note on Kaimuki's hillside. Looking out from campus, Diamond Head is visible at left, and a beautiful view of the ocean and the horizon is visible to the right, especially from the dorms on the upper campus slopes. Chaminade has recently renovated many of its older buildings, and we have added several new buildings for classrooms and departmental use. Science students and faculty are incredibly pleased with the new, professional, state of the art laboratories. Many new developments are planned.
Student Affairs' mission is to foster our students' personal, social, vocational, emotional, cultural, physical, civic, and spiritual development and foster an appreciation of diversity in its many forms. We do this by encouraging programs, services, and policies designed to assist the growth of competence, identity, self-esteem, responsibility, and personal values. Our goal is to produce a vibrant and active campus, which attracts motivated and qualified students who contribute positively to the campus community. The Dean of Students is responsible for overseeing the functions of the departments listed below. Together, these departments are linked to promote and enhance student engagement and success.

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