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Chapman University is home to artists, adventurers, leaders, and scientists, each with unique stories and goals that come together to form the Chapman Family. Your fellow students become friends, and collaborators faculty members become mentors with the connections and knowledge to help move your goals forward. We invite you to meet the family, explore our home, and maybe make it yours.
Valedictorians. Feature filmmakers. A Nobel laureate. Inspired students from more than 60 countries. Moreover, visionaries who want an education that asks these individuals to connect the dots between disciplines and their humanity to create meaningful, character-driven lives. That is who comes to Chapman University. That's the Chapman Family.
Located in Orange in sunny Southern California, Chapman University is a mid-sized private university with a total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of 8,305 students. Just steps away from the restaurants and shops of Orange's Historic Old Towne Plaza, Chapman's stately, palm-treed campus is a centerpiece of this comfortable mid-sized city. Ideally situated within an hour's drive of Los Angeles, our location provides easy access to LA and Hollywood internships, beautiful beaches, Disneyland, mountains, and desert.
Our comprehensive and personal education attracts students from different backgrounds and countries from all over the world. We have students from 49 states, the U.S. territories, and more than 60 different countries*. Our diverse student body, combined with our small classes, makes it possible for you to connect across borders and backgrounds, opening your experience to different cultures and viewing the world.
We emphasize the interdisciplinary study of the arts and sciences and professional programs, allowing both undergraduate and graduate students to become multidimensional, original thinkers—the kind of people who flourish in a challenging world.
Not only do we strive to connect academic areas of inquiry through interdisciplinary study, but we also work to connect students to faculty and the University to the community, so that your education is personal, relevant, and engaged in the larger world.
Chapman University will be a student-centered university, recognized nationally and internationally as a center of academic and personal excellence that prepares our students to contribute to a global society.
Academics at Chapman are more than just lectures, books, and classrooms, and interdisciplinary is more than just a word. At Chapman, interdisciplinary means encouraging students to study abroad, actively foster research and collaboration between faculty and students, and structure our general education program to allow students to explore all of their passions.
Students at Chapman learn directly from distinguished world-class faculty, including Nobel Prize winners, MacArthur fellows, published authors, and Academy Award winners. Our small classes and close faculty relationships lead to a robust exchange of ideas and innovations that shape global leaders in the arts, sciences, humanities, and beyond. The academic experience is designed to put our students on the path to a fulfilling life and career as culturally aware citizens before they leave. Whatever educational path you choose, Chapman will ask you to reach for a vision of yourself that is larger than you ever thought possible.
There are numerous ways for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to become involved in international education. Studying abroad, international conferences, campuses abroad, and globally focused student organizations all provide Chapman students opportunities to broaden their perspectives.
As a prospective student, it is an exciting time to apply to Chapman University. With world-class educators, small class sizes, state-of-the-art facilities, and an active and supportive student body, Chapman is a perfect environment to get the most out of your higher education.
We offer exemplary arts and sciences degrees to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduates alike worldwide. Admittance is based upon academic achievements, character, and personal accomplishments. Apply now and let Chapman's outstanding education be a part of your future success.
If you are a current high school student or graduate, undergraduate transfer student, or looking to earn an additional bachelor's degree, click the link above to take the first steps to an outstanding higher education. Undergraduates or professionals looking to earn a graduate degree or teaching credential at Chapman University, click the link above and learn how you can reach your full professional and personal potential.
Founded as Hesperian College in 1861 in Woodland, California, by members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we admitted men and women and people of color from our earliest days. Endowed by the Valencia orange magnate Charles Clarke Chapman, the institution changed its name to Chapman College in 1934, and by 1954 had moved to the former campus of Orange Union High School in Orange, California. The college again extended higher educational access when it began offering classes to military personnel at El Toro Marine Base.
In 1965, Chapman took undergraduate education to the high seas when it began running World Campus Afloat, the program that would eventually become Semester at Sea, a tradition that continues at Chapman through our worldwide study abroad programs.
Since our founding, Chapman has grown into a highly regarded university that attracts high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students from all over the United States and more than 60 nations worldwide.

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