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Bryant is a private New England university with a tradition of innovation and a global vision for success. Our academic programs are distinguished by integrating business and the arts and sciences with a global perspective.
As we approach the 155th anniversary of Bryant's founding, our future has never been brighter. The University's brand theme, Inspired to Excel, speaks to everything in our past and our aspirations for the future.
Inspired by all we have achieved since 1863, we are working hard to secure an even greater future. On-campus, we see inspired students developing character, striving every day for academic excellence, and acquiring innovative thinkers' life skills — traits that will distinguish them as they go out into the world.
At Commencement each year, these students walk through Bryant's historic archway, an icon from our Providence campus, remembering the past and embracing a future that will include leadership positions in organizations worldwide.Within six months of graduation, 99 percent of our graduates are employed with an average starting salary of $57,000 or are enrolled in some of the world's finest graduate programs.
Bryant students genuinely are inspired to excel. You can see this in their classrooms, in their extracurricular activities, their community service, their study abroad, and our Division I athletic teams' success. Our students work hard, not just for themselves, but to honor the reputation that Bryant has earned.
The Division of International Affairs supports international students for their cultural immersion, academic success, social networking, and career preparation throughout their four-year education experience at Bryant. The PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion comprises the Intercultural Center, Women's Center, Pride Center, Disability Services, the Interfaith Center, and Campus Ministries. Together, they work to create a supportive and inclusive campus environment.
Participation in campus organizations builds confidence, interpersonal skills, and leadership. You might join an academic club to get to know fellow students studying your major or give back to the community through a service organization or event.
Greek life is a great way to intensify your educational and community involvement with a close group's support and camaraderie. Alternatively, build your leadership skills while bringing students together through student government or our Multicultural Student Union.
Compete on one of our NCAA Division I athletics teams, or cheer them on in Pep Band. Perform with the Bryant Players, or interview them for our next issue of The Archway. Whether you brush up your debate skills or volunteer at our Pride Center, you will discover and hone yourself' facets that will lead you toward your brightest future.
The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement strives to create an inclusive, community atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth through leadership, programming, service opportunities, and new student programs.
At Bryant, we are dedicated to the personal growth and development of each student. A variety of campus services and academic excellence programs help to ensure your wellbeing.
It is essential to have fun, even when you are working hard. Whether you are interested in journalism, sports, performance, or graphic novels, you will find your niche among our 100+ student-run organizations and groups. We also know how hectic life as a student can be, so we have plenty of resources to ensure academic and social success.
What about eating and sleeping? From first-year housing to senior townhouses, and from dining halls to quick coffees, we have arranged to meet your basic needs in various (tasty) ways. You will get to know our 428-acre campus during your time at Bryant intimately. However, we also hope you will discover the world beyond Providence, Boston, and even New York City.
Bryant education is nationally recognized as one of the best values in the country. Whatever your situation, financial aid can help bridge the gap between you and your vision.
Our financial aid counselors know that your education is one of the most significant investments you'll ever make—and a Bryant education is one of the wisest. They are trained to work with your resources and your family to create a solution that works. If we feel you would thrive on our campus, we will do as much as we can to ensure that you can attend.
It is free to fill out a FAFSA form and determine if you are eligible for financial aid, so never assume that you are not qualified. Your package may include a mix of scholarships and grants, which do not have to be paid back loans, which do and work-study on campus.
The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations builds and sustains relationships with corporations and private foundations that support Bryant's teaching, research, and overall mission.
Since first opening its doors in 1863, Bryant University has developed undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs that keep pace with both business and society's changing requirements. This approach prepares highly skilled graduates and provides companies opportunities to work with Bryant faculty and students, simultaneously accessing industry experts and the latest generation of up-and-coming business leaders.
Bryant is pleased to share some of the ways corporations are working with the University and welcomes your interest and involvement in our programs. The partnership opportunities are endless from consulting services, sponsorship, charitable gift opportunities, undergraduate and graduate degrees, executive education and professional certificate programs, and access to a rich talent pool. We look forward to partnering with you shortly.

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