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The mission of Brewton-Parker College, a Georgia Baptist college, is to develop the whole student through the application of biblically-centered truth to a liberal arts curriculum in a community of shared Christian values.
Brewton-Parker College strives to honor Jesus Christ in every area of the academy.
Brewton-Parker College offers three types of admissions. While all three are full admission to Brewton-Parker, some limitations apply to those students conditionally and provisionally admitted. Students are encouraged to apply for admissions early to avoid complications with admission, advising, or financial aid.
Whether you are just graduating, looking to transfer, or getting back into school, our admissions team is ready to walk you through the baron steps. From your application to new student orientation, we want to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.
At BPC, we recognize that every family is different, and every student requires special financial aid assistance to afford their college education. Our Financial Aid team strives to serve each student in every capacity possible, and as a result, over 98% of our students receive the aid they need. We work hard to serve you in every way possible, and we invite you to discover just how affordable a private education can be.
As you pursue your undergraduate degree, you will recognize the distinctive Christian environment and unique academic quality we are so well recognized.
All our faculty have responded to God's call on their lives to serve Him through Christian education. The entire college family recognizes the importance of our mission, which states "to develop the whole student through applying biblically-centered truth to a liberal arts curriculum in a community of shared Christian values." Our mission operates through the College's vision, which states, "Brewton-Parker College strives to honor Jesus Christ in every academy area." That means we work very hard to honor our Lord in the classroom, on the playing field, in the dormitory, and every other aspect of the College.
Brewton-Parker College is a family of dedicated professionals who lead in integrating faith and learning across the curriculum and the campus as a whole. Here you will find small classes that enable our faculty to know each student by name, enhancing education, a very active Christ-honoring student services department, and an exciting and challenging sports environment. For one-hundred and eight years, our graduates have gone on to find success in their respective careers across the United States and on the international scene, and have been active in changing the world for Christ.
As a Georgia Baptist institution of higher learning, Brewton-Parker College is firmly and unequivocally rooted in the Christian faith, adopting the central confession for its statement of faith and learning from the New Testament – "Jesus Christ is Lord" (Romans 10:9). For Brewton-Parker College to express Christ's Lordship as a function of its academic mission, its research, teaching, and learning communities must embrace in principle and practice all the questions and issues, all the curiosity and imagination that an undergraduate institution can hope to bring to the academic table. Consequently, to say that "Jesus Christ is Lord" is to nurture a learning environment in which academic challenge, authentic spirituality, and the practice of integrity can flourish. To confess that "Jesus Christ is Lord" is to say that any query, argument, or issue can be explored to the end, whether it originates from the social and behavioral sciences, the natural sciences and technology, business and management, the arts and humanities, or religion and philosophy.
Christian scholarship has always framed the pursuit of learning in terms of persons loving God with all their mind (Matthew 22:37). Endorsing this as a biblically-sanctioned obligation, Brewton-Parker College works to equip its students with a vibrant and meaningful worldview. When wedded to faith, student learning will result in a Christian worldview characterized by academic integrity, and that asks how belief in God and Christ affects both the assumptions and conclusions espoused by non-Christian perspectives.
Brewton-Parker College asks its professors and students to actively consider what committed faith can mean to all academic disciplines and endeavors. To face these questions squarely, Brewton-Parker's stated distinctive is to pursue higher education with Christ fully in view. Integrating faith and learning without reservation in the classroom is key to our efforts. To introduce Christian implications into our academic programs' curricula in ways that surpass the trappings of some artificial spirituality is paramount to our success as a Christian liberal arts institution. As the Scriptures state, in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:3).
As Brewton-Parker College continues to educate and minister to students, we will also successfully avoid the secularizing process that can occur at academic institutions that lose their focus on Christ's person and work. While under the direction of an unapologetically Christian worldview, our students are neither totally immersed nor wholly isolated from the secular world and its accomplishments. Therefore, our administrators, professors, and staff are called to be salt and light above all else (Matthew 5:13-14). For Brewton-Parker College to fulfill its stewardship on behalf of the Georgia Baptist Convention, it strives to be an academic community seeking Christ. It helps students live a life of Christian faith openly and without pretense.
Brewton-Parker College complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin. The College is also in compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and does not discriminate based on gender.

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