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Welcome to Bethany College, a private liberal arts college with a proud tradition. At Bethany, you will begin your college experience with wide-eyed excitement as you walk through the Oglebay Gates for the first time.
For some, this will be your first step towards an exciting career, while for others, it promises to be an exploration of your passion for the liberal arts. Four years later, you will leave here prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Moreover, the friendships you create here will go with you. Our courses of study will equip you with the tools you will need for a lifetime of learning. Our faculty will challenge you and change you in ways you have not even yet imagined. In all, your Bethany experience will live in your heart and give you the confidence to change the world.
Teaching and learning from the mission of Bethany College. Central to this is providing a liberal arts education for students, including preparing professionals in an atmosphere of study, work, and service. In its original charter, the mission of Bethany College was "the instruction of youth in the various branches of science and literature, the useful arts and the learned and foreign languages."
Founder Alexander Campbell set the CollegeCollege's purpose to prepare students to become useful and responsible members of society by liberating them from superstition and ignorance, others' tyranny, and "vulgar prejudices." Upon graduation, Campbell envisioned that students would become their teachers and pupils and continue their education throughout life.
Today, Bethany College continues to follow that same mission to educate users, honorable, humane, and intelligent citizens who believe in and will promote the creation of a world of worth and value, integrating critical reason with the convictions of faith, personal accomplishment with ethical responsibility, and individual development with service to others.
Bethany College is a privately-supported classical liberal arts college. It is consistently rated as one of the best values in higher education by numerous national magazines, journals, and rankings. Our campus is located on 1,300 beautiful acres in the Allegheny Mountain foothills, just one mile from Pennsylvania and five miles from Ohio. Bethany is served by Pittsburgh International Airport, just 45 minutes from campus. The College is located 39 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, 22 miles from Washington, Pa., and 14 miles from Wheeling.
Whether you have settled on a career path already or are curious about several possible options, Bethany is where leaders come to discover what their future holds. Bethany students are diverse and come here with their own unique goals, but they ultimately leave here with an understanding of who they are, where their strengths lie, and where they can pursue their ambitions.
For more than 175 years, Bethany's alumni have achieved great success. Now it is your time. Become part of Bethany's tradition of academic excellence. You will learn, live, and grow in an environment that encourages you to become involved in your education and future.
Approximately 90 percent of Bethany College students receive financial assistance. In 2016-17, our students received more than $10 million of institutional and financial support. Bethany is a great value, and there is no better investment in your future. Learn all about tuition, room and board, dining, and related costs of attending Bethany College. Then check out our Scholarship Calculator to see how affordable your Bethany education can be.
Plan your visit to Bethany College! Our enrollment counselors are here and ready to take you on tour and answer all your questions. See the campus, tour the residence halls, have lunch, and meet some of our students.
The Bethany curriculum is unique in caring for individual students and developing their full potential at each level of learning.
From First-Year Seminars to Senior Comprehensive Examinations, Bethany will prepare you for success in the 21st century, guiding you toward fulfilling your personal goals, the challenges of graduate study, and the preparation for productive and rewarding careers.
A Bethany classical liberal arts education is the foundation of lifelong learning in the modern world. Faculty members work closely with all students to ensure a proper grounding in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Bethany students have many opportunities to tailor their curriculum to their interests. However, faculty work closely with them to ensure that each student's personal plan of study is both comprehensive and precise.
A Bethany tradition to help first-year students make the transition to College, set goals and succeed. Then each year, Bethany guides you every step of the way, culminating with a senior project to help prepare you for life after College.
As a Bethany student, you will receive a traditional liberal arts education in a wide range of fields and from various perspectives. Our comprehensive exams will validate your chosen field of study's mastery and are a right of passage for all Bethanians.

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