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Benedictine College is an academic community sponsored by the monks of St. Benedict's Abbey and the sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery. Heir to the 1500 years of Benedictine dedication to learning, Benedictine College, in its own time, is ordered to the goal of wisdom lived out in responsible awareness of oneself, God and nature, family, and society. Its mission as a Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts, residential college is the education of men and women within a community of faith and scholarship.
As a Catholic college, Benedictine College is committed to those beliefs and natural principles that form the framework of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and it is committed further to those specific matters of faith of the Roman Catholic tradition, as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and handed down in the teachings of the Church. The college embraces students and faculty from all faiths who accept its goals, seeking its members a personal commitment to the ideals and principles of spiritual life and the expression of these in worship and action. Benedictine College promotes the growing involvement of religious and laity in the Church's ministries.
As a college founded on the Benedictine tradition, Benedictine College inherits the themes handed on to us by the Benedictine family: peace, the balance of activity and contemplation, and the glorification of God in all undertakings. With the idea of an everyday life vitalized by the spirit of St. Benedict, the members of the Benedictine College community can share work and prayer in joint, faithful participation in the life of the community, attentive openness to the Word of God, deep concern for issues of justice and peace, and the pursuit of moderation, hospitality, and care for the gifts of creation.
As a liberal arts college, Benedictine College is dedicated to providing a liberal arts education using academic programs based on a core of studies in the arts and sciences. Through these programs, the college guides students to refine their capacity to pursue and acquire truth, appreciate the significant achievements in thought and culture, and understand the principles that sound theoretical and practical judgment require. The college also provides education for careers through both professional courses of study and significant programs in the liberal arts and sciences. As an essential element in its educational mission, Benedictine College fosters scholarship, independent research, and performance in its students and faculty to contribute to the broader world of learning.
As a residential college, Benedictine College supports and encourages its students' full development through a community life that expresses and proclaims the worth and dignity of each individual. In a caring and supportive atmosphere, students help develop a sense of meaningful purpose in life. They are encouraged to participate in programs that promote sound bodies, emotional balance, and dedication to others' welfare.
Building an outstanding Catholic college requires a community-wide commitment to excellence. We dedicate ourselves to educating students to become leaders in the Benedictine tradition, who will transform the world through their commitment to intellectual, personal, and spiritual greatness.
Intellectually, we achieve this with an academic environment where all students are challenged to reach their fullest potential through close collaboration with faculty and peers. Through a broadly-based liberal arts education, students are trained to view the world from various academic perspectives and use the tools of several disciplines to understand, analyze, and solve problems. At Benedictine, America's Discovery College, students experience the power of collaboration and the joy of discovery, and learn to communicate, effectively, and persuasively. We encourage them to form the habit of life-long learning and expect them to apply well-developed ethical standards in every aspect of their lives.
Personally, through immersion in a dynamic residential community, students are challenged to grow in character, in their relationships, and as leaders. They become equipped with the skills to nurture and develop the bonds of the community. As business leaders, professionals, teachers, citizens, neighbors, and parents, our alumni will have learned to see others as God sees them—to appreciate every human being's unique value and infinite worth. They will have been formed to cherish others' welfare, loyalty to their communities and families, and an absolute dedication to personal integrity.
Spiritually, students grow in an atmosphere that values faith in Jesus Christ. As a Catholic institution, we are dedicated to "the ardent search for truth and its unselfish transmission … to act rightly and to serve humanity better." [Ex Corde Ecclessiae] Because of this dedication, we welcome and support students of all faiths and encourage them in their quest to grow closer to God. We share the beauty and mystery of the Catholic faith with all community members, while we respect the essential freedom that is key to a mature faith. All students are challenged to put their faith into action.
These commitments are fostered within the framework of the Benedictine charism. The college community seeks to follow the example of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica, in word and deed, finding guidance for daily living in Holy Scripture and the Rule of St. Benedict. This calls us all to live united by our search for truth, zealous in fostering, recognizing each person's dignity, and committed to a balanced way of life. Through this framework, students are prepared to live a life of service, leading with true humility. Our distinctively Benedictine approach to education culminates in graduates committed to living their lives "so that in all things, God may be glorified." [Rule of St. Benedict]
Benedictine College accepts applications all year. Students should apply as early as possible. It may take more than a month to process a student visa application. Suggested application deadlines are April 1 for August admission and October 1 for January admission.
An academically rigorous form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs, together with structured opportunities for reflection designed to achieve and assess desired learning outcomes.

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