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Active Career College aims to be highly regarded for excellence in providing quality training and assessment services to enable students to pursue a rewarding career within the business and management industry. Specializing in the Business and Management industry, we offer a range of qualifications from a Diploma to a Statement of Attainment level. Training pathways are student-focused; therefore, the option is yours, whether you require a full qualification or a short course (SOA). Our highly trained staff take the guesswork out of deciding what course is right for you.
Our teachers are highly trained professionals with qualifications, including University and international training. By constant monitoring of the business and management industry, ACC can keep in touch with changes and update our curriculum. ACC has the most modern training available.
There are no educational requirements for our courses. However, they are suited to mature students with the ability to self-manage, work within timetables, and actively participate in a classroom environment. Places are allocated in receipt of the Course Registration Form, together with payment of the deposit. Courses will commence, subject to a sufficient number of participants, with an orientation session. Students under the age of 18 must have their parent’s approval and support. Before enrolment, the student is under 18 years of age must provide Active Career College.
Active Career College is classified as Adult Education. Our staff expects that students behave maturely within the classroom. However, if the trainer feels that a student is not behaving correctly, the student will be given no more than three warnings and may be asked to leave the room or the entire course if need be. A refund will not be given. Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally while in uniform off-campus. Students at Active Career College are proud of themselves and their college, thus represent it with pride.

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