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Academy Of Interactive Entertainment


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The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia's most awarded 3D animation, game design, and visual FX educator. Created as a non-profit organization to grow the creative digital sector, AIE pioneered the development of specialist game qualifications and innovated through industry partnerships and dynamic teaching.

AIE courses are practical, career-focused, and delivered by industry experienced teachers in a seriously fun and creatively-demanding studio environment. AIE and it's graduates have won many awards over the years, including being named the Australian Small Training Provider of the Year in 2007 and more recently in 2016.

To be the premier 3D animation, visual effects, and computer games educator in Australia and globally through the development of innovative courses and industry development. To be a catalyst for building the interactive entertainment and related industries, primarily by producing industry-ready graduates through world-class 3D animation, visual effects, and game development education. The primary objectives of the not-for-profit Academy of Interactive Entertainment are to:

  • Provide authorized public access, and industry-sponsored and full commercial courses and programs appropriate to the interactive entertainment industry, including courses in 3D Animation, Computer Programming, Music, and Film.
  • Provide Incubator courses monitored by appropriate industry providers and customized courses to meet industry demand.
  • Encourage the growth of a robust regional industry and foster the expansion of employment opportunities in the industry.
  • Undertake research and development activities in association with industry suppliers and commercial developers.
  • Foster and promote the development of industry networks and affiliates nationally and internationally, promoting the establishment of a Computer Games Developers Association and Conference.
  • Assist graduates of the Academy in finding work in the industry and employers to recruit trained and qualified staff.
  • Form alliances with other institutions, both in Australia and internationally, to promote and develop training for the industry.
  • Foster and promote the development of new and small businesses by offering networking opportunities, mentoring, and office accommodation with a range of support services, and
  • Assist and offer residential accommodation to students, Industry participants, tenants, clients, and employees and owners of new and small businesses.

AIE is Australia's most established Game Design and 3D Animation Educator. All AIE Teachers have worked in the Games or 3D Animation industries and can share their insight and industry-experience. AIE has an excellent track record of placing graduates into industry-relevant places since 1996. Our current students often find that the person who conducts their job interview for a 3D Animation or Games Design role is a past AIE graduate, teacher, or partner. AIE is proud to have been rewarded for our achievements, achieving state and national awards for our leading practice in vocational education and training.

Our courses have been written in consultation with industry, a process continually reviewed to maintain quality graduates for the Australian Digital Content industries. AIE's vast industry links allow students to develop contacts and build networks in the Australian Games Development and 3D Animation industries. Students have a choice of four campuses, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, or Adelaide. Online study also allows students to study and gain qualifications and skills from anywhere in the world.

AIE is very aware of new skill needs and new trends in the Australian industry through its board members of the Games Developers Association of Australia, its organization of the annual Games Academic Summit, its regular contribution and advice to State and Federal Governments and its many informal contacts nationally and internationally. A unique strategic partnership with Canberra Institute of Technology enables students to study at AIE Canberra to access services inherent to a sizeable public provider while still enjoying the personal and specialist service of a smaller organization.

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