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At Griffith, we believe in, strive for, and celebrate the Remarkable. The remarkable people who better our world, the remarkable experiences that transform people and communities, and the remarkable contributions that change the future forever.

We know success often comes from being an exception to the norm—challenging convention, adapting and innovating, creating bold new trends and pioneering solutions ahead of their time. At Griffith, remarkable is the norm.

Since we started teaching over 40 years ago, we have been deeply connected to the Asian region, socially conscious and environmentally aware, an integral part of the community, and heavily industry-focused. We have also become a comprehensive, research-intensive university, ranking in the top 3% of universities worldwide. Our teaching and research span five campuses in South East Queensland and all disciplines, while our network of more than 200,000 graduates extends worldwide.

A highly ranked university with an international outlook, we are deeply connected to our community and value our place in it. Our research excellence, innovative teaching, and learning practices, along with our strong ties to industry, make us one of the leading providers of higher education in the Asia–Pacific.

We believe in a great tomorrow, in doing our best and supporting others to do theirs. Our founders knew professional and industrial environments continuously vary and that universities needed to equip their students with the skills to adapt and lead positive change for the future.

We have never lost sight of our progressive beginnings, and everything we do—from education to research and community engagement—is designed to not only meet but improve the new world our students, graduates, and communities will encounter.

The mission of Griffith University is to engage in outstanding scholarship that makes a significant contribution to society and to produce groundbreaking research. Students will be provided with an excellent education and the capacity to develop and apply knowledge to exercise influence and make meaningful life-long contributions to their communities.

In pursuit of our vision and mission, the University is committed to:

  • Rigorous standards of scholarship.
  • Positively influencing our communities through teaching, research, and scholarly activities.
  • Engaging students as partners in their education.
  • Recognizing our location in the Asia–Pacific and deepening our engagement with the region.
  • Bringing disciplines together to address the critical issues of our time.
  • Promoting respect for individual rights and ethical standards.
  • Participatory decision making and problem-solving
  • Contributing to a robust, equitable, and environmentally sustainable society.
  • Recognizing and valuing diversity.
  • Recognizing our first peoples and enabling their continued contribution to the nation.

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