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Dunmore Lang College


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Dunmore Lang College is home to 250 students studying at Macquarie University and provides fully-catered accommodation for the undergraduate with self-catered postgraduate students' options. The College community is founded on the concept of learning, leadership, and service. Students are encouraged to embrace a holistic model of education by integrating their university studies with leadership opportunities offered by the College and Macquarie University in ways that will create a better world.
Opened in 1972, Dunmore Lang College was the first affiliated Residential College on the Macquarie University campus. Our mission is to create and sustain a vibrant academic, residential community based on respect, responsibility, and service, promoting life-long learning skills and leadership opportunities for all of our student residents.
Dunmore Lang College is non-denominational and operates on a not-for-profit basis. We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and corporate responsibility. Both staff and students are expected to uphold the organization's values and ethos, including volunteering and community service.
Facilitating student leadership is at the heart of our mission, and students serve in any one of the forty-five available leadership roles. Fifteen Resident Advisers assist the Dean of Residents and College Principal, both of whom live on-site, to ensure students are fully supported to achieve their best both personally and academically. The Postgraduate Sub-Dean supports postgraduate students, and the academic program is facilitated by an Academic Sub-Dean – both current student residents. The five members of the Student Association (ADS) Executive and the twenty Committee Heads work together to run the cultural sports and social activities and regular charity events and community service activities. Two senior students also serve as Resident Directors on the College Board, providing a voice for student concerns and initiatives at the College administration's highest level.
The College has vital rural and regional and indigenous engagement programs generously supported by Macquarie University, donors, mentors, and facilitators. We are committed to providing students with opportunities from the broadest possible range of backgrounds to live in College and complete their university studies.
To be recognized as a leading Residential College in Australia. Our mission is to create and sustain a residential academic community based on respect, personal responsibility, and service, encouraging excellence, promoting life-long learning skills, and providing leadership opportunities for all student residents.
Dunmore Lang College encourages and supports students to integrate their experience of living in College with their university study through leadership and involvement in all levels of College life. All College community members are expected to act with honor and integrity of action, taking responsibility for their actions and subsequent consequences. As a diverse community, we believe that the highest personal integrity levels must underpin everything we strive to achieve.
Dunmore Lang College is a community based on personal responsibility, integrity, and respect, where individual autonomy is supported alongside the need to live as a community. We acknowledge our responsibility to act as good members of our broader community by committing to community service and volunteering. By striving to attain excellence in all aspects of the College's operations, we seek to model, encourage, and support students to achieve their best across all College and university endeavors. We welcome students of different faiths, nationalities, and cultural traditions. We seek to create a community based on understanding and mutual respect and grounded in the belief that diversity enriches everyone's experience and world view.

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