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Paramount College of Natural Medicine


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Premium, Optimum, Achievable, Ultimate, Unmatched, Principal The word reflects the value and attainability of “health.” The human body is a finely balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit. All aspects need to be functioning harmoniously to maintain optimum health. Natural medicine uses a holistic approach to restore or maintain good health with traditional healing methods and natural remedies. Traditional and complementary medicine has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a safe and efficacious system of health. WHO has expressed the need “to develop a cohesive and integrative approach to health care that allows governments, health care practitioners, and, most importantly, those who use health care services, to access traditional and complementary medicine in a safe, respectful, cost-efficient and effective manner.”

Natural medicine is a dynamic profession gaining widespread awareness and recognition, and the demand for highly qualified, competent, and safe practitioners in Australia is rising. Paramount College is committed to the highest standard of education and advancing the future of the profession at large. The college lends a significant focus on the framework and relevance of courses and the optimal learning context to provide all students with best-practice learning opportunities. It advocates for high-quality professional development opportunities for lecturers focused on maintaining confidence and competence in conceptualizing and delivering a curriculum that is undergoing constant improvement. Paramount College provides a culture of encouragement and support that allows students the most significant degree of flexibility to achieve their desired educational outcomes in their studies of natural medicine within a regulatory requirements framework.

Paramount College of Natural Health has evolved from a passion for nurturing the development of holistic and evidence-based natural health practitioners who are truly capable of making a difference in today’s world. This is our commitment to you in natural health education. Our desire to provide quality education is Paramount!

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