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Life at Billy Blue is always challenging, always inspiring, and never dull. From time spent working on real-life creative briefs, to getting inspiration and advice from lecturers (who also happen to be working industry professionals) you will be immersed in a creative world that opens doors in your mind that you never knew existed. Born as a design agency, Billy Blue College of Design has a strong heritage rooted in creativity. Since 1986 we have produced thousands of design graduates who push boundaries and challenge conventions – and that’s before they eat breakfast.

Imagine working on a real brief for one of Australia’s leading design firms or agencies. Or having a top fashion designer as your mentor! As a Billy Blue Bachelor Degree student, you can apply for an industry internship in your final year and gain credits towards your degree!

In 1987, design agency Billy Blue Creative (which blossomed from the infamous Billy Blue Magazine) decided to open a tiny design school to train young creatives to work on their client's projects. They expected four people to apply but 66 turned up and a waiting list began. While the agency was dissolved in 2009 (the surf was up) Billy Blue College of Design went on to continue launching the careers of thousands of design graduates who push boundaries and challenge conventions (and that’s before breakfast). In 2015, Billy Blue College of Design teamed up with Torrens University Australia which means all students will graduate with a university qualification. Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, which means as a student you are now automatically connected with over 80 institutions worldwide, including business schools from around the globe.

The world needs intelligent, creative people with practical experience. Graduate from Billy Blue College of Design, and you’ll land a career where you’re getting paid to do something you love. As a designer, you’ll earn a great living and never have to face a boring day in the office. From branded fashion to communication design, digital media design, and interior design, we can help you find your path.

Billy Blue produces creative thinkers who can do - giving you the chance to acquire the relevant design skills, collaborate with the design industry’s leading talents, and gain practical experience along the way. We insist that our students challenge convention and go against the status quo to unlock a world of inspiration and opportunity where imagination is your secret weapon. Your specialist education is delivered by designers, for designers. Tapping into your career potential, and opening your mind to what is possible, is what excites us most.

We passionately believe that design can change the world and that skilled, connected problem-solvers have an important role to play. We celebrate innovation, entrepreneurship, intelligent solutions, and the rise of the change agent who can lead and think in new ways. As a Billy Blue student, you will discover how to think creatively to generate great ideas and outcomes for the real world – across brands, products, systems, environments, and the magic world of storytelling. You will enter a dynamic and exciting space where ideas, artistry, and communication collide and multiply. Where hard thinking and persistence meet craft and skill, to build great brands, campaigns, entertainment, interactions, spaces, or wearable products.

For over 25 years, Billy Blue has been a vibrant community of design practice. Our college is a cluster of young designers and experienced design educators who are fully connected with today’s working industry. Our mission is the same as it was when we began: to be part of a family of designers who can rely on each other to navigate the way forward and share opportunities and livelihood. As a Billy Blue graduate, you remain connected to our mission. Connected design education for designers by designers. Come play! We dare you.


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