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"Baltica College" Private School was founded in 1991 following the classical education tradition of the best schools in St. Petersburg. The school brings together people who appreciate high-quality, comprehensive education. We teach children to be guided not by their parents' achievements but by their strengths and talents and to help each child achieve everything they are capable of. The teaching staff of the school includes the cultural elite of St. Petersburg. Renowned teachers do teach, and many scientists, professors, and doctors of science visit the school as guest teachers. The school is located in the center of St. Petersburg, a 5-minute walk from the Chernyshevskaya metro station, in a historic building with palace interiors.
The teachers of "Baltica College" pay attention to the individual integral development of the schoolchildren. The pedagogues unlock every child's potential, from kindergarten to the final examinations, helping the children develop talents and achieve their maximum. The graduates of "Baltica College" are people who have realized their potential, are determined, and are efficient in various fields.
Every private school is supposed to provide high-quality educational services that would be impossible without highly qualified teachers and a limited number of students in a stream. Every family chooses a school deemed appropriate by considering the convenience of school location, cost of education, the extent of comfort for the child, and the credibility of the teaching staff. The recommendations of friends are often significant. It is known that schools prefer to gloss over the inadequate training of students and "make advances" to children and parents. They do not score unsatisfactory results, so as not to provoke conflicts. Meanwhile, we believe that we may not inflate the grades since the child must see the real results of his work and confirm them at the examinations – these tests are to be taken outside the school walls as well. Thus, we advise you to pay attention to this factor when choosing a private school.
Our school meets all the modern requirements for a private school. It is important to note that we take maximum responsibility for every child entrusted to us for example, if a student is late or is absent from school, our secretary calls and informs the parents about it, the administration is in permanent contact with the parents, as we strive to be like-minded in the matter of educating children. It is no secret that students would like to avoid excessive - as it seems to them - control, as the urge for independence awakens early in young people nowadays. However, eventually, as an adult, the child will inevitably appreciate the quality of education that parents were able to provide to him because every day of his life, he will see a difference in the level of cultural and mental development from his peers. Children from wealthy families often rely on the parents' financial assistance, which prevents the child from surpassing his parents and achieving his success in life since he willingly uses the family's resources. It is quite positive when a child maintains and develops the resource generated by the parents. Still, in our school, we always teach children not to identify themselves with their parents' success and urge them to work independently for the sake of their future, laying the foundation for future success by grinding away at studies day after day. An important task on this path, we believe, is nurturing a love for independent labor and discipline. No child can leave school without coordination with the school administration during the school day, which excludes the possibility of smoking.
A limited number of students in a stream (no more than 11) allows the teacher to work with each student and excludes the possibility of "hideout". The senior school students are preparing for the Unified State Examination under individual programs, emphasizing the subjects necessary for a student, depending on the profile of the selected university.
The school's policy is inviting a significant number of exciting people for meeting with the students - politicians, officials, representatives of creative intellectuals, the people directly influencing the history of our country.
The teaching staff of the school is its crowning glory. Piotrovskaya Elena Konstantinovna (from the Piotrovsky dynasty - the guardians of Petersburg culture), Doctor of Historical Sciences, actively participates in our students' moral and cultural education. The pedagogues of our school are highly qualified specialists: the Russian language teacher worked ahead of the Russian literature department at the university. The mathematics teacher has the rank "Teacher of the Year". In 1991, a philosophy teacher joined our school, known for his publications in university circles. The philosophy course has been designed for the students of all streams: the junior students study logical problems, sophistry, paralogisms the senior school students study history of philosophy, getting acquainted with various philosophical schools and theories. One can not underestimate such knowledge in the process of the formation of a creative-minded contemporary-style personality.
We try to provide all-around development for our students over the 26 years of the school's existence. We have developed our methods and found a unique pedagogical approach to the students. If the parents have any wishes, we are always pleased to find about them and take them into account.

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