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Asia University (AU) is a visionary, pioneering, and fast-growing school founded to establish a remarkable and comprehensive university with international competitiveness. In the past 16 years, AU has demonstrated excellence in academic performance and was ranked first in many higher education evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE). It was evaluated as the best among newly established universities in Taiwan and granted honored projects from the MOE, the so-called Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities, for 12 years consecutively. Meanwhile, AU has earned an international reputation by several world university rankings. For example, according to the Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2014, AU was ranked the 53rd among the top 100 universities. Furthermore, AU was evaluated as the 99th in the 100 best universities under 50 years in the world, and the 83rd among the top 100 universities in Asia also by the Times Higher Education Ranking.
To improve the quantity and quality of research outputs, AU has established research centers in each college, such as the Center for Food Safety. The T-DNA Tagged Rice Service Center and the Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Research Center in the College of Medical and Health Science. Also found in AU are the Center for Semantic Biomedical Computing in the College of Information and Electrical Engineering the Center for Leisure industry and Rural Tourism in the College of Management the Internet Addiction Prevention Center in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Center for Animation and Game Development in the College of Creative Design.
The establishment of the Asia Museum of Modern Art is a milestone for AU. Due to the university motto – Health, Care, Innovation, and Excellency – we devote to strengthening humanities, care, and social services by building an affiliated hospital.
Our university is founded on great enthusiasm for education. We are devoted to higher education, abiding by truth, virtue, and beauty. We pursue the elevation of body, mind, and spirit to nourish cultural heritages and serve society.
We advocate loving and holistic education. Also, we uphold academic freedom and independence. We believe that knowledge is the source of inspirational wisdom, the accumulation of knowledge encouragement, the power of social improvement, and health, the basis of everlasting development. We cultivate the campus culture and seek development by emphasizing pioneering and outstanding teaching, localized and internationalized research, and optimized community service.
We cultivate students to be global citizens with expertise and humanity attainments, excellent characteristics and attitudes, and abilities to seek the values of health, care, innovation, excellence, and willingness to put them into practice.
Asia University (AU) aims to raise its profile as a prestigious international university. In response to recent trends in the globalization of higher education, AU started recruiting international students in 2004. As of January 2017, AU had admitted more than 1029 international students from 46 countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, The Philippines, Colombia, Saint Vincent, Japan, Korea, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Slovakia, Romania, France, Germany, Hungary, the UK, the USA, Canada, Finland, and Zimbabwe. To better serve and care for its growing number of international students, AU established the International College in August 2010, planned out its internationalization strategy and action plans, and coordinated all of its English-taught Master’s (and Doctorate) courses and dual undergraduate degree programs. This college aims to provide a friendly living and learning environment and to better coordinate and integrate in-campus teaching and research resources for our international students. Moreover, the school has improved interaction between domestic and international students by establishing the Language Corridor for involving both domestic and international students in a wide range of extracurricular activities and by setting up the host family system for the weekend. AU aspires to become a truly international university, and the International College is playing a crucial role in this regard.

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