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Guglielmo Marconi University


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Marconi University is a world-class university engaged in significant international research and innovation. The University looks beyond the traditional academic learning setting, promoting innovative learning methodologies by merging advanced technological solutions with traditional activities like lectures, workshops, and seminars.
Marconi's research spans from Economics and Arts to Applied Science and Technologies by societal changes and progress. Our approach is based on the development of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and competences, with a particular emphasis on the global perspective. A commitment to excellence and quality inspires our programs, aiming to prepare students to face global changes and apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations successfully.
The University strives to bring its values and mission to meet the needs of international and domestic students, offering them various study opportunities at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, flexible scheduling, continuous enrollment, online classes, virtual labs, and simulations.
Presently, our diverse community has more than 16.000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, 300 faculty members, and an academic advising team made of more than 200 experts. Well-equipped laboratories support our research activities, like Marconi Studios, our production office for Cinematic Arts and Digital Media, where students can apply their knowledge and get a practical training experience.
Marconi's mission is to provide innovative and affordable high-quality degree programs and learning opportunities to domestic and international students alike, utilizing the latest technologies and responding to students' needs in their pursuit of academic, personal, and professional integrity. When you pursue a degree with Marconi University, not only will you have access to the latest online learning technologies but also university-standard teaching, facilities, and support. Our active partnerships with local, national, and international institutions contribute to a sustainable common aim of placing and advancing students within the workforce.
To offer high-quality professional degree programs. To build up a community and enrich students' lives by promoting educational and professional growth. Encourage student-centered learning at all levels, supported by technological resources and led by qualified faculty and staff. To provide an outstanding educational experience through academic and administrative support services. To promote interdisciplinary research and innovation. To foster collaboration and interaction among other institutions with the same objectives.
Marconi's academic expertise builds on a luxurious European educational tradition and provides the added value of research and innovation in learning technologies. The Marconi educational model consists of both an online and blended format. It combines face-to-face and interactive activities and promotes student-faculty interaction and more efficient use of institutional resources. By choosing the blended option, you can attend face-to-face seminars and lessons in one of the University branches to enrich your online study experience. Enrolled at Marconi University, overseas students have the opportunity to participate in an international community, expose themselves to different cultures and gain a highly-regarded European degree without having to leave their own country. When you choose an online degree with Marconi University, you get direct access to university-standard teaching, facilities, and support. Our teaching staff is directly responsible for creating and designing our online courses, taking advantage of the latest technological solutions to guarantee a high-quality and engaging study experience. Within this learning environment, multimedia and interactive educational materials (audio/video-lessons, virtual laboratories, simulations, case studies, tests), provide students with the opportunity to customize their own study experience.
The first online university accredited in Italy by the Italian Ministry of Education and accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education to offer Bachelor's degrees in Modern Languages and Literature, Psychology, and Education Science and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, Management, and Emerging Technologies.

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