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At LASALLE, “It” is not a characteristic that can be defined by a single noun or summarised within a sentence. Instead, “It” is a culmination of diversity, progressiveness, inspirations, dreams, blood, sweat, and tears, all of which have helped mold this institution into one of the leading contemporary arts practitioners today.

With a wide range of programs in a world-class campus, you can expect an unparalleled arts education designed to nurture your passion for the arts and push the boundaries of creative excellence.

The training of an actor is a rigorous, multi-faceted discipline that enriches a student’s imagination, kinesthetic awareness, and emotional sensitivity. The BA(Hons) Acting is a performance-based program offering quality training in all essential elements: acting, voice, and movement techniques, through the synthesis of theory and practice. LASALLE aims to graduate thinking, expressive, informed, and creative actors with the ability to work across genres, media, and performance cultures. Through classes, projects, workshops, and productions, the program develops your ability to work in an ensemble environment and awareness of your imaginative resources. The program prepares actors for careers on stage and screen. You gain experience through live performances and digitally recorded performance opportunities using professional quality facilities and equipment in the College’s three theatre venues, the film studio, and recording studio. The program often collaborates with other disciplines within LASALLE, including professional partners, particularly in the development of new theatre works. These collaborations offer students a broader perspective on artistic practices across other forms and in the industry. You will participate in a variety of fully-mounted productions directed by local and international professionals in a range of classic and contemporary works that are innovative, authentic, and thought-provoking. Level 1 considers the relationship between body, voice, and mind, and develops physical presence. The unique feature of Level 1 is intensive stylistic workshops in traditional Asian performance forms. Level 2 reinforces the interdependence of the elements that make up the actor’s processes. You are guided on a personal work method, through continuous engagement with productions. Level 3 operates as a theatre company with ensemble members, comprising final year students experiencing a range of roles, styles, genres, and disciplines. Your studies integrate practice with theory in a research topic of your choice, which can incorporate practice-based creation and investigation. You refine your art form with a strong focus on your strengths. LASALLE Short Courses are designed for learners of all ages, from future students to working professionals to silver citizens. They are designed to allow you to explore and be inspired.

Make some noise in Southeast Asia’s growing music industry with the School of Contemporary Music. Our suite of programs in contemporary music performance, composition and audio production is designed to develop your potential as a musician, singer, songwriter, or audio production technician in the popular and commercial end of the market and the experimental and cutting edge. Hone your craft through real performances at the College’s well-equipped studios and theatre venues. Expand your knowledge with specialist practical and theory lessons in your chosen instrument or field of study. By making technology an integral part of your practice, the School will ensure that you are always in touch with the latest industry demands. Moreover, thanks to the School’s strategic location in Southeast Asia, you will also have the unique opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures and networks with visiting international musicians, composers, and producers. Music Diploma graduates leave as confident, well-rounded musicians able to perform in a range of musical situations.

In contrast, Audio Production diploma holders will be competent in all aspects of music production, including large-scale theatre, live music, and recording. Music Diploma holders can also enter the BA(Hons) Music Programme via an audition selection process. There are five specializations to choose from: Pop, Jazz, Classical, Composition, or Electronic Music. Some of the distinctive features of this comprehensive course include teaching recording techniques to all students, improvisation techniques for Classical Performance, and an emphasis on developing students to be independent, creative musicians ready to take on postgraduate studies or the role of an influential leader in the music industry.

LASALLE has a long tradition of practice-led research in art and design. The institution provides a unique environment for research, formed by a faculty of Singaporean and international artists and educators from more than 40 countries worldwide. Join us in celebrating creativity and passion. This is where we recognize students and alumni who have been honored at international awards shows and showcase the exceptional quality of work produced by those who have walked through our doors. These accolades are a testament to our excellence in the arts. We have a partnership program for organizations, businesses, and even individuals interested in tapping into the talent pool in LASALLE. Find out more about how you can collaborate to be a part of the vibrant contemporary art scene.

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