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The Gordon (Institute of TAFE)


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As one of the largest regional TAFEs in Victoria, Gordon has helped people gain real skills for real jobs for over 125 years. We pride ourselves on delivering a great range of options in vocational 'hands-on' training with one of the most comprehensive suites of courses in Western Victoria.

Students can choose from hundreds of short courses and nationally accredited qualifications across apprenticeships, traineeships, certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas, leading you to a great career or create a pathway to University.

From Geelong, Victoria, around Australia and overseas, thousands choose to study with us each year via flexible options, including on-campus, full and part-time, off-campus, online, and in the workplace.

Gordon also embraces the partnership model working with secondary schools, Deakin University, employers, and the community in programs that deliver real benefits. We are also forging strong international strategic partnerships, particularly in China and Indonesia.

Gordon has four campuses. Two are located in Geelong, the largest regional city in Victoria. The gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, and Otways regions means you can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle while studying or working. We also have one campus in Werribee and a smaller trades campus in Hoppers Crossing.

The Gordon grew out of the need for technical training in the brave new world of the 1800s industrial age. Gordon has become the embodiment of quality vocational education and training in Geelong and beyond from its origins as a mechanics institute and a night school for tradespeople. During the late 1800s, Geelong's increasing importance as an industrial center and a worrying overseas trend showing Britain was losing its traditional markets to the United States, and Europe spurred leading Geelong citizens to campaign for more effective technical training. However, it was another overseas event that hastened The Gordon's development.

Since opening in 1887, Gordon has developed into an institution operating across four campuses in a single-storied hall and operating mainly night classes for tradespeople. In 2017 The Gordon celebrated 130 years of its proud history of leading education in the Geelong region.

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