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From our beginnings as a free-thinking university to the global center for learning, teaching, research, and industry we are today, we have never lost sight of our purpose. With more than 23,000 students and 1,700 staff from across 90 different countries, we are proud to be recognized for the impact that our free-thinking graduates, life-changing research, and innovative campus and industry developments have made – both in Western Australia and around the world.

As a Murdoch student, you will have the structure, support, and space to forge your path so that you will graduate not just job-ready but life-ready. Explore our wide range of courses and find out how to apply to join our global community of free thinkers today.

When you study at Murdoch, you will engage in learning that's bigger than four walls. Immerse yourself in our natural campus, explore our world-class facilities and support services, and go beyond your course with our wide range of groups, activities, and experiences.

At Murdoch, we believe that people are the key to successful and sustainable enterprise, and we're committed to developing leaders for the business and industry community. Our executive education and employment services provide a path for you and members of your organization to expand your skills and learn how to apply them to current and future challenges. We also believe the best education is a practical one. Therefore a number of our teaching facilities provide services to the general public so our students can attain real-world experience.

At Murdoch University, we have been committed to free-thinking since our inception in the '60s. We have created a place of learning and discovery through our leading academics, innovative courses, and ground-breaking research. We pioneered university education for people from diverse backgrounds and are proud to see our students take their Murdoch education to the world to solve its challenges. Throughout this journey, we have remained committed to adapting and growing in our free-thinking. In this way, we continue to be a creative force for education and research.

Our 5-year Strategic Plan builds upon our strengths, growing Murdoch into a robust and vibrant university community and positioning us to thrive in and contribute to a modern world. The plan's success will be measured through the impacts that our graduates, life-changing research, and innovative campus developments make to communities, both within Western Australia and across our global locations.

The Murdoch University study experience will provide every student with an outstanding education, leading our graduates to become innovators fully prepared for their future careers. Through our research institutes and collaborative research programs, Murdoch University will provide life-changing solutions to complex world challenges.

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