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Career-focused teaching. World-leading research. An international outlook. And a far-sighted approach to technology and innovation. For the ultimate student and business experience, look to UWS. Times Higher Education has ranked UWS as being in the top 3% of the world's universities (source: Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2018). Times Higher Education has also ranked UWS as being in the top 200 universities under 50 years old worldwide (source: Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, 2017). No. 4 in the UK for our education courses (source: Complete University Guide, 2018). No. 1 university in Scotland for student experience and teaching quality (source: Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide, 2017).
At UWS, we have a clear purpose and a set of truths that are the foundation of all we do. Our corporate strategy sets our direction to 2020. Since the launch of our corporate strategy in 2014, the University has made significant strides towards many of the challenging aspirations and performance markers we set ourselves. Therefore, the strategy was refreshed for the period 2017-20 in consultation with our staff, students, and external stakeholders.
Our corporate strategy was launched in 2014 and set out our purpose - to change lives, transform communities, and encourage enterprise through outstanding, distinctive, and progressive higher education. It also identified our focus - personalized learning experiences supported by internationally recognized research. And emphasized that UWS graduates will be work-ready and contribute locally and globally. It also established a set of truths that guide everything we do at UWS.
We continue to work towards the goals outlined in our corporate strategy. Our focus will remain on strengthening our academic excellence, providing dynamic 21st-century learning environments for our students, and ensuring that we empower our students and staff to be the best they can be.
UWS is here to change lives. Our goal is to equip every student to succeed in their chosen field, anywhere in the world. That demands outstanding and inspiring education. We are building a vibrant research community at UWS. Our researchers and partners work to tackle some of the most critical issues facing society.
We will go on forging research partnerships. These drive our academic provision, create an enterprise culture, and support economic growth. Our research excellence will earn increasing international recognition. We are an international university. We have deep roots in our local campus communities – but we are outward-looking too, in line with a long Scottish tradition of global travel and influence.
We aim to equip all our learners to play their part anywhere in the world. With that in mind, we offer students international experiences and language skills.
Over the next few years, we plan to expand our reach. We are opening up our students, staff, and curriculum to further global opportunities. By 2020 our campus culture will be truly international. Our purpose is to change lives, transform communities, and encourage enterprise through outstanding, distinctive, and progressive higher education. Our focus is on personalized learning experiences supported by internationally recognized research. UWS graduates will be work-ready and contribute locally and globally.
We will do this by providing student-centered, personalized, and distinctive learning and teaching experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research, knowledge exchange, and enterprise, fostering our students' resilience and learning skills by providing a supportive, encouraging. The inspirational learning environment, developing a culture where our people are supported to be highly motivated, creative and collaborative, making a difference to the communities we serve - in Scotland and across the globe, taking managed intelligent risks to benefit our student experience and organizational performance, being a proudly different university, where ambition and success are at the heart of what we do.
The University Court is the governing body of the University. The Court has wide-ranging powers, particularly relating to its strategic direction and the execution of the University's financial responsibilities. The Court has delegated powers related to purely academic matters to the Senate.
UWS Library has an extensive collection of relevant hard-copy and online study resources that support learning, teaching, and research. Each of our five campuses has its library, and students can access resources held throughout the UWS Library network and online.

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